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Great environment and pleased with the decision to live here. No regrets. Clean. Professional governmental employees. Appreciated as a valued citizen. Wished I lived here sooner. Looking forward to many years living here. Stress is very manageable...almost negligible.
Great community! Would give 5 stars but limited jobs. The involvement with local groups and organizations are key to this town.
I love Westville simply because it is my hometown. It is a typical small town, nothing more.
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It's no Florida, but it is decent. Summers, like in most places, are always beautiful. People are always outside riding their bikes, walking, or just having a good time in the summers. Spring and Fall - both wonderful as well. Winter is the season everyone cannot seem to agree on. Though the snowfall is lovely, the temperature is not.
Houses are fairly-priced and well-maintained. You can start looking to buy a house and find one within a few days/weeks. There are houses for families of every size. The crime neighborhoods are grouped together and are rather small compared to the rest of the area. Finding a safe location to live in is not difficult.
Everything you really need is at your feet. People do not have to travel far to find what they are looking for. Though we do not have the most stores in the world, we have a diverse collection of businesses.
People are always complaining about their jobs. Mostly everyone living around here is working in a field they never wanted to work in. However, emphasis on education is increasing, and more people are starting their own businesses. While we're rather at rock bottom right now, it could get better in time.
Althought I have never been a victim or bystander of a crime around here, crimes do frequently occur. The prevalence of such crimes are within certain neighborhoods, so people know to avoid trouble by refraining from visiting such places. Police are always around and well-liked and respected. If I were to bring up one major concern of mine, it would be that children are not provided enough support while living in such awful neighborhoods. There are not enough support groups for adolescents growing up in circumstances that hinder them from the very beginning of their existence.
You go anywhere within a 20-mile radius and you can find wonderful food. We have restaurants all over the place. My favorite restaurant is called "La Potosina." It is a Mexican-style restaurant run by the Latino families living in the area. My favorite meal there is the Pechuga Frita, and it is a popular dish among my friends as well. You can dine there at any given point during the day and it will be PACKED. Not far from it is quite the opposite - an American-style restaurant run by one single local family. Inside of that restaurant, there are maybe four booths and a few tables, but the line to order will trail all the way outside of the door. The restaurant is currently being expanded, and an extra parking lot has been added. They make the best burgers I have ever had in my life - and I have had a lot of burgers.
We have a lot of job oppertunities but not on the lower levels they are mostly for upper management.
We have locally owned businesses as well a chain stores/Restaurants such as subway, CVS,and dollar general. Not everything is available right around the corner but we are within a good distance of getting to the larger stores and restaurants.
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