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The public school at Westville is average, and the town is not very family friendly. The good thing about the small town of Westville is that there is very good safety and it is very affordable to live in this town, and there are many fast food places and other jobs to have an opportunity to make a living.
I love this town. It is quiet and friendly. There are some shopping facilities nearby, such as a general store. There are gas stations within the town as well as restaurants. The only downside is having to drive to the next town over for groceries, but it's only an average of about ten miles away. In the summer and fall there is a great farmers market right down the road that I love to shop at!
Small town, not a lot to do. Bullying is a severe problem in the Westville school systems. Overall, a safe town. crime is not high but it does neighbor Michigan City where crime is booming.
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As this is a small town, there is a mom and pop's general store and drug store. We do have a general dollar store and a Mc donalds and Dairy Queen.
this is a small town with a correctional facitily.
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