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I live on da edge of west view 112st next to da elementary school , along of shootings even tho is calmed down , there’s still a lot of crim in dis area .
I live in Westview, I love the neighborhood its close to everything and I always feel safe. Most convenient stores and restaurants are no more than 10-15 drive. The nearest airport in about 30 minutes away. The neighbors are friendly, always say hello, it feels very familial. I am also a firefighter and work the area so I get to interact with all the neighboring communities.
Westview is quiet when it wants to be. It looks like the perfect "everyone knows everyone" town and that would be great if I didn't always see something negative on the news concerning this area. It has the potential to be an amazing neighborhood. I would stay here to see the progress. But we must work on the crime rate guys! I love when you drive down 128th street for example, you see a house filled with family members playing dominoes, kids running playing with each other, music playing and the teens showcasing their moves, etc. on just a normal weekday! Not even a weekend! There's a sense of family in this area but there's something that needs to be done concerning the crime activity here.... I have faith though 😄👍
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Like anywhere, you need to be aware of your surroundings
Overall, the neighborhood is livable, but, not vivacious and growth producing. I have come to this conclusion because when I encounter new people residing in this area, it usually comes to a surprise to them that I also reside here and I am a college student. Needless to say, the educational institutions in this area frequently receive bad reputations due to consistent less than average grades. With the constant annoyance of helicopters and police sirens, it seems that crime has become an essential component of this neighborhood recently. Would I live in this area if I could do it all over again? Yes I would. Ultimately, this is where I got my initial start from, and Was successful in graduating at the top of my class and attending college. In the future, I would love to see the little municipality of Opa Locka come to life. By this, it is meant that I would enjoy seeing more businesses established, less crime, and more recreation.
There's nothing wrong with my neighbors this is now my officially house but this house, I've always visited since birth. The neighbors are no friends of mine but with the other adults that live here.
This neighborhood can and have the potential to become better, if the neighborhood took better care in their community.
If anything were to happen I can defend myself, and help defend my loved ones but their has never been a problem with my family and myself. But there are serious crimes that happens around my neighborhood.
Nothing really every happens down here in this area, it's pretty safe when it comes down to natural disasters
It can be better, but there aren't too many businesses that's hiring
Because taxes are not high here, public services are pretty bad around my area. The police don't really come here unless called, and police/ fire station is pretty far away. Furthermore, the governmental leaders seem to be oblivious to the problems that strike the community since they are not the ones who live here. This makes me upset because even though I understand that we may not pay as much taxes as others in more exclusive neighborhoods, we are still people and should still have the opportunity to have certain services offered to us.
Around my neighborhood, it can be seen the teens are the ones who usually exercise (a lot of basketball). Apart from them, obesity seems to be a big problem along with drug and alcohol abuse. Citizens here are not very educated and most come from pretty low- income families, which just adds onto the problems and such. There aren't many funds spent here, meaning that there are not many workout opportunities available and no gyms. Unless on a team, people are not really physically active.
Although I am truly grateful that tornadoes or earthquakes along with winter natural disasters are almost unheard of in Miami, hurricanes and storms along with high temperatures are pretty common. Even during winter, the temperature numbers are pretty high and one can go out wearing a light sweater. That being the case, we don't really go by the 4 seasons rule like most other places, seeing that it is hot 95% of the time here. I am honestly not a fan of the weather because I don't like that it is so hot. But because of this, my closet is full of shorts and short-sleeved shirts. The weather has also led my family and I to be well prepared for hurricane season and for any tropical storms.
Recently more decent fast food restaurants have been opening about 8 minutes from my house (since it is near a highway, which means more customers). They are pretty good, but apart from that, there is really no other places (nice or bad) to go eat out. However, because I live in a poor and bad neighborhood, there are several bars and gentlemen clubs because the businesses know that people will attend.
Because companies don't invest in neighborhoods like the one I live in, there aren't many stores or businesses that offer job positions. The few jobs that are available are in places such as pharmacies, auto shops (mechanic), and the neighborhood supermarket. Because of this, my mom has always gone to work far from home (about 30 minutes away) so that she has a better job and therefore provides my brother and I with better opportunities. In the future, I will be applying for jobs but definitely not in my neighborhood.
Although I find my house beautiful and provides me with everything I need, the neighborhood where it's at is definitely not a good one. My mom wasn't able to afford a more expensive neighborhood and we therefore had to settle here even though it has a high crime rate and can be reviewed as poor. This means that the stores here don't carry the best items and brands and they might not always be fully stocked. Because companies are aware that people who reside here have a low income, they don't invest in placing good stores here, which leads to a very few number of options and businesses.
There aren't many crimes in my neighborhood.
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The weather here is pretty nice all year. Mostly sunny and humid.
It is really hard to find a job in my area or period. I have a job that is not close to where I live.
There are not many businesses in this area.There are only a few and they are pretty decent. There isn't a great variety so the ones that are close are always packed and never really have what I came for.
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