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Living on the lake creates a fun environment for everyone. Kids go to school and then have a nice place to relax afterwards. The town built around the lake, is relaxed and everyone cares for each other
The neighborhood is safe enough for people to walk around so usually you will see people walking before or after they go to work. The neighborhood holds 5k and Fun runs twice a year to raise money for charities and to help the community stay healthy. There are parties held at the neighborhood clubhouse which has an open pool and tennis courts with a sand volleyball court.
Our neighborhood works diligently with the police to try and keep the area safe. We have police officers who patrol the community every couple of hours and watch closely when the children get on and off the bus. They are always around to help. Also, as neighbors, we all look out for each other and help each other out whenever we can.
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My backyard is Lake Norman. We have a boat that we can attach an inner tube to or use to go water skiing. WE can go fishing from the dock or the boat. However, if we want to go skiing or snow boarding, its only an hour and a half drive to the mountains and the ski resorts. The ocean is also only a few hours away.
I love the weather here. We have all four seasons but none are too extreme. The summers are hot but aren't too humid and the winters are not bad at all. We have snow but we don't usually get more than 2 inches at a time.
I live in the country which means that "nightlife" is bonfires in fields and house parties. However, the restaurants around town are amazing. My favorite restaurant is Cessie's which a small family run Italian restaurant. My family has pizza night once a month and we always get pizza from Cessie's. Pizza night allows all of us to sit down at the table and discuss our lives.
Because most of the stores and restaurants are family owned and run, it's hard to find job openings.
The local businesses are family oriented and welcoming. After just a couple times of visiting the stores, the owners know customers names or make an effort to learn them. They try to make friends with each person that walks through their front door.
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