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Cute suburban town! Pretty safe. Clean community with a lot of activities to do. Great downtown and places to eat!
Beautiful town and relatively nice people. In my opinion, people can be spoiled, arrogant, and extremly out of touch.
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Westport is such an amazing town for people of all ages, and the public schools prepared me very well for college life. The town is beautiful in every season, and I really enjoy living here.
Recieved the best education and found I now have many opportunities to succeed. The atmosphere of the town provided a great environment to grow up in.
A family friendly suburb with close proximity to NYC. Located on Long Island Sound with excellent amenities.
Westport is a wonderful family community with great schools and amenities. People are fairly active and health conscious. It is a very safe community.
While the schools might be above average don't be fooled into thinking that it is anything better. If they were top notch, why do residents need to spend millions of dollars a year on tutoring? If the High School guidance dapartment was better then perhaps the nearly 1 million dollars spent by parents to private college admissions consultants would not be necessary.
we moved to Westport from Sydney Australia. Came to this town completely blind and bought houses and cars over the internet. Its a lovely place and we came for the schools and have never looked back. So far we have been in Green's Farms and Long Lots elementary schools and Bedford Middle School. All of them are amazing. I thought it would be a little snobby here given its reputation but that is definitely not the case. My only criticism would be there is a highway that runs through the middle of it and despite what every one tells you a driving commute to Stamford CT for work less than 15 miles away can take up to an hour if you commute peak time.
Really lovely and beautiful town filled with kind people who appreciate all types of things from art to business to engineering. The downtown area is cute and fun to shop in, and everything is very nice.
Westport offers some of the top public schools in the nation. While I was a student, Staples High School was the number one public school in Connecticut. It offered absolutely the best challenge for me to focus on my education and a plethora of opportunities for future growth. The town itself touches the Long Island sound, is commuting distance to New York City, and extremely involved in local art, music, and plays.
A beautiful town that is safe, family friendly, and full of many resources and opportunities for success as well as a fun. I have lived in this town almost my entire life, and I can say with absolute confidence that I have not felt safer anywhere else. You have nothing to fear when walking the streets, day or night, and there is always something to do. The shops downtown, while mostly pricey, are wonderful, Compo Beach is gorgeous year round, and the public schools are some of the best and safest. Furthermore, this town is excellent for raising a family. If you have the resources and can afford a home here (the only drawback to living in this town), I strongly recommend starting a family here. Its' strong, family oriented community ensures that all children have a chance in growing up in a safe town.
It's spoiled and white but still home to me. Town is amazing because there are so many stores and places to go, the public school system is incredible, although there is a heavy amount of pressure and stress on students to perform well and attend good universities.
It is a great environment to raise kids
The safety is completely fine.
My town has been wonderful. The natural beauty is something to be admired and I would absolutely move here again.
It's a pretty safe area with good lighting provided.
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I really like the area, there are really nice schools that provide a helpful learning environment.
The atmosphere is beautiful, and the landscape is relaxing. The other positive is being so close to New York city. However, I would prefer a more openminded and international area to live.
The housing in terms of looks and quality are well above average, but again since it's an affluent area what is good always costs money. Houses closer by the water are very expensive even if they're not very big (although oftentimes they are). Just regular houses found in other towns would cost more here because "it's Westport."
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