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Westphalia Michigan is a great little small town. The people that live there are very friendly. The shops and restaurants are pretty good and they normally having something going on in town such as weddings and church. Every year in June they have a big car show were thousands of cars come.
Westphalia is a small town in mid-Michigan. As home to roughly 2,000 people, Westphalia offers a close knit community for incoming residents to join. Familiar faces fill the community making this the ideal environment to raise a family in.
It is a small town with amazing people. The town is strongly centered around our Catholic faith. A majority of the town works together and it is wonderful. It is a place that everyone should want to live in. It is safe, fun, engaging, and just a wonderful place.
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Westphalia is one of the friendliest places on planet earth. The support for everyone, young and old, cannot be matched. Nearly the whole town travels to the away sporting events, everyone pitches in when a job needs to be completed, and we all care about each other to the highest degree.
There have been no major crimes in Westphalia for as long as I can remember. There is an occasional slashed tire here, or broken mailbox there, but the big city problems are nonexistent here. There aren't any drugs, no dilapidated homes, and no empty lots where illicit activities could occur.
I have lived in Westphalia for many years, and it is the ideal place to grow up and live in. Everyone is friendly and knows each other, so no project goes completed without help from the community. We also all rally around anyone who needs help when a loved one passes away, or cancer affects their family. The school system is incredible, producing outstanding young people year after year. We all feel safe enough to walk outside at night, let kids roam the neighborhoods, and leave our cars running when we run into the store to pick up a coffee and newspaper.
We live in a small community that has only a few local businesses owned by local merchants
Many people have the opportunity for employment in my area. We live within 30 miles from the State Capitol, a Big 10 university, and a major manufacturing company which offers a larger variety of employment opportunity.
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