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The Public School system in Weston is great, one of the best in the state. The entire town is very safe, friendly, and diverse. It is a short 30 minute drive/commute to Boston, and there are lots of job opportunities here.
Extremely boring. There are no stores or anything to do. Need to drive to the towns over to buy anything. Very safe and very rich area filled with stuck up bitter white people. I would only suggest living here if you want to sit in your house and hate your life, or to get your kids a good education, however they will have to deal with other kids who are rich and snobby with no purpose or humility.
My family and I have lived in Weston for six years. Here're some of the town's best features: the quality of the public school system; the town's forests, trails and scenic roads; its robust public library and recreation program; the town's its commitment to historic preservation; its proximity to Boston and major transportation routes; the lack of commercial overdevelopment; regular town events at the common; the generosity of its residents; and timely snow removal on key roads.
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We are newer to the area. We selected it because of some of the area’s best schools, proximity to the city/airport, and the amazing properties. We feel secluded because of our bigger lot and how quiet it is, but we are a 15-minute walk to the town center.

We are really happy with our decision to join this community.
I've lived in Weston for my whole life. It is a nice, small town. There is a lot of trails in the town forests, playgrounds, and a good school system. The scenery is very beautiful and the town is preserved historically.
The housing in my area is great, but it is very expensive. Our town is known for its number of mansions. It's unheard of for a house to be under $800,000. It's also unheard of for houses not to have lawns.
People who come to Weston stay in Weston unless it becomes to expensive. People tend to keep to themselves in my town, but my neighborhood has an annual barbecue. This is an extremely pet/family friendly town.
There is the, unfortunately, usual teen partying atmosphere. Besides that, we live in a safe area, and there are no high level sex offenders in Weston.
My area is very safe and immensely wealthy. However, this is a town where people do not talk to many people in their neighborhood.
Weston is a great town. Though small in size, the families that make it up form a tight knit community that has one of the top public schools in the state and a beautiful area within it and surrounding it.
It's a very safe neighborhood!
I feel like a normal relationship everywhere
Well, in new england, the worst is blizzards
Like I said, need to go to Wellsely, Boston or Waltham for a nightlife
For teens, jobs are basically babysitting or yardwork for COA
There's not much in weston, it's basically a house and school town. If you want activity, you go to the neighboring towns like Waltham or Natick
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