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Overall, Weston is a quiet little town that is conveniently located near several food establishments, healthcare facilities, and stores. The only thing I would change about the town is the recent addition of pipeline.
Very small town. everyone knows everyone. everyone is friendly. poor town needs better facilities and schools. roads need fixed constantly. very old town needs updated for modern age. need more things to do and places to go
The best thing Weston has to offer is the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum which does ghost tours, and a haunted house each year. That's the main attraction here. Other than that, it's a very small town with not a lot of job opportunities. The real estate prices are lower than average, just due to being such a small town. If you like rural living, this is the place for you. If you like city living, this is not the place for you. A few restaurants that are a cut above, but not a whole lot of choice in dining.
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Amount of drugs and law system. If you’re related or friends with the local police/judge you’ll get out of every crime you do. Needs better education and more things to do for the younger generation.
Weston is a nice, small little town. There isn't much but people enjoy living here. It's a nice little town with friendly people who live everyday to the fullest.
It is a small town. Not much too do but overall it's nice. The schools are OK but lacking compared to other areas. There dies seem to be a drug problem in the area. All in all it is a safe town to reside in.
There's not much here in Weston, West Virginia. Typically business come and go with in a month or two. The people are generally nice, but there's exceptions to everything.
I've enjoyed living in this area and will probably continue to live here for the rest of my life. I would like to travel and maybe live in different states or countries temporarily, but this will always be home.
if people own their houses they are kept up pretty good, but the rentals are pretty shabby
there is a few decent company here, but a few more 20+ miles away, but if you want to work there are jobs out there
usually have to travel 20 to 30 miles for shopping mall
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