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Weston is the definition of a small town suburbia. The school systems are fantastic but there is nothing to do in the town itself. You have to drive at least 10-30 minutes to go anywhere to do anything. The town offers little besides excellent education and a plethora of hiking trails. It has a quiet, safe atmosphere and there isn't a soul in sight after 10pm.
We moved to Weston from NYC for the school system and we love it here. It has two-acre zoning and it is a beautiful town that really allows you to feel like you are getting off the grid. Additionally it is close to the city (1h10 min ride from Westport or 1h30min ride from Wilton, depending on your location in the town), so we get the best of two worlds. It does not have many town amenities as mentioned in other comments, but this is how we like it here. The neighborhood towns have all of the shopping just minutes away and Amazon Prime solves the rest of the supply issue. Coming from NYC we were very surprised how friendly and welcoming people here.
I have lived here all my life. Typical Fairfield County suburb. Small town. Good schools. Expensive houses. Lacks diversity.
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Very safe, like living in a bubble. However, this impacts the overall community atmosphere. There are no outside businesses, residents must leave town for most resources.
Awesome community! Community is very diverse and accepting across ALL demographics. Schools are like a private education. Educators are some of the best in the nation! Although an expensive town to live, proud to be a resident. Quiet relative to events with the Memorial Fair as the big event of the year. Great for families , seniors and LGBTQ. Small town center that provides all the necessities without a far drive when needed. If you can make this town your home, you won't be disappointed,
It's a very safe town, so that's always a plus. However, largely as a result of that, there really is not much going on. There are four small shops: one small, and overpriced grocery store with overpriced gas, a pharmacy (with a post office attached), an alcohol store, and a sort of mechanic store. The town over, Westport, has a bit more going on with a sort of high street, but there is still not much.
Beautiful town. People are super friendly. Schools are amazing. Kids are very close to one another in school. They become life long friends.
Weston is a beautiful small town with 2 acre zoning and a small shopping center. The town is community oriented and people chose to move here often for the school systems. The EMS and Fire Department are all ran on community volunteers, and the center provides the ideal small town feel. Great places to hike and gather, Westport being located nearby allows Westonites to feel less alienated from the outside world.
Very quiet and safe town, but expensive. Very excellent public school district. Short travel distance to surrounding towns with plenty to do, and a train ride away from New York City.
School system is very good. Only downside is there isn’t a lot to do for high school/college kids when they come home
Nice people, beautiful scenery, great schools and local eatery. I love the laid back feel of our town.
Great education and a great place for families. The cost of living is very expensive but the education is priceless! I have lived here all my life and I love the close knit community and have gotten a great education. I was extremely prepared for college as well. There is not much to do at night since it is a very small town, but you can find things if you try and NYC is only an hour away!
I've lived in Weston for 20 years. Our children were educated on School Road. There is one over-arching focus in Weston - education of our children, followed closely by keeping a rural, community-caring tradition alive and well.
Nothing much to do for teens in Weston but a safe place to raise kids with good schools and a pro-education community.
Wonderful lifestyle, incredible schools, great neighbors, peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of city life but close enough to NYC if needed
I like the fact that it's pretty small and you get to know a lot of the people well. There isn't a whole lot to do in Weston itself, but it's about 10 minutes from Westport, which has a lot of stores, 20 minutes to the beach, and an hour train ride to New York. It's also very safe: I've never heard of anyone having anything stolen or anything particularly crime-related occur. The public schools are very good and a lot of money goes into them. It's a big reason why people choose to live in Weston. If you do not have kids in the school system, it's harder to meet people, and may not be the best place for you to live. For the most part, people are friendly and it's nice to see your neighbors or people you know around town. I had a good experience in Weston, especially with the school system. It's very competitive and is probably more difficult than most schools in the US, but if you're looking for a quality education, Weston would be a very good choice.
Not much crime. Whenever there is something its big news.
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Weston is a great small town with smart kids. Typically classified by rich parents
Weston, CT is an extremely safe and welcoming place to have grown up. Taxes are very high due to lack of industry in the town, but the school systems are among the top in the country. Though I did not go to private school, the Weston School system prepared me for college just as efficiently. The people are friendly, perhaps not as much so as those from the mid-west, but overall I have loved my time in Weston.
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