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The people in the city of Westmoreland are not friends, but instead family. If someone gets stuck in the snow or has a flat tire the closest house will invite them in for something warm to eat as well as drink. I love Westmoreland, and that it is growing in so many ways while maintaining the same small family farm community that it has always had.
The downside of Westmoreland is that there is no where for teens or young adults to do anything close by; so many teens park their vehicles in the square and are very loud. There is also a good amount of drugs available in town as well as just outside the city limits. The Westmoreland Police Department is trying to rid the streets of these few out-liars; it just takes time.
The utility bills are too high, but otherwise its a great place to get away from the rat race of the big cities. small town life. lots of churches, quiet sundays, a little opry music store, great library, parks, and festivals. not too far to find work in surrounding areas.
Small, tight knit community. Friendly people. Great local shops and restaurants. amazing schools. I recommend moving here to raise a family.
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The police are very responsive. The crime isn't very great and safety is not an issue. The only issue is some teen graffiti and old roads.
Westmoreland is in the country. It is a very rural and small town. If you are a fan of agriculture or small businesses then this may be the perfect place for you. However, if you are more of a city person, then you'll need to drive at least 20miles away to get to somewhere a bit larger and more industrialized. The atmosphere is beautiful, lots of land and animals, and very friendly people. Though again, not a huge city with many shopping or activities. If I could live here again, I would. I enjoyed living in a town where I knew most of the people and got to be friends with almost everyone. Compared to anywhere else in the country it is very unique. Though the area is still considered small and rural, it isn't as much as even when I first moved there. Bigger things are beginning to be planted there and expansion is already occurring.
I really just keep to myself
There are not many jobs in my area
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