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Westmoreland is a small town in Central New York. It is a quiet town that has a lot of spirit. It is where I grew and almost all of my family lives really close to me. The public school there is small, but it a really great school to go to. The academics are competitive and the athletics are challenging. There are a few things I would change about Westmoreland, but the biggest thing I would change is for Westmoreland to be more environmentally conscious.
Went to highschool here, great town but can be very boring as a teenager. You are a short drive to New Hartford, Utica or Rome. Never have to drive long distance for every day needs.
Just like any other small town, it has its flaws. But Westmoreland is my home. I could walk across town (the road) for lunch and not have to worry about being abducted or getting hurt. Everyone was a friend if you ever needed something. People there are honest and would help you in any situation. It really was a great place to grow up.
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Small town with a big attitude. Lots of farms and friendly people, great place to live. Near NYS thruway exit, get to nearby areas fast.
Some of the police in this area most likely underachieved their way through high school, and rode that failure all the way to the local precincts. That being said, there are plenty who work hard and do an exceptional job of serving and protecting the community.
CNY is certainly an area for lovers of the great outdoors. You will not find a booming night life nor anything of the sort.
Everyone knows each other which is great most of the time
I have never not felt safe here. There is little crime
I always pictured myself to be a city girl. But when I moved to this small town in 2009, after my mom remarried, I realized how amazing the open outdoors can really be. Everywhere you go there is peace and quiet. Sure, if you're looking for a loud fun time you will find it. But every once in a while you get those days where you're sick of staying inside and want to take a breath of fresh air. Once you step outside, you get a warm feeling that you are right in the heart of nature. The skies are always clear and colored with pinks, oranges, and blues.My favorite time to go for a walk or a drive is during dusk hours. I feel as though I am driving through an Artist's painting. My front yard has a beautifully green lawn that stretches hundreds of feet; a perfect home to many animals that sometimes pop out of their niche to say hello to us. Many of my friends from college are from New York City. They always brag about how twinkly their home is with all of the skyscrapers and lights outside. And although that is a beautiful site, I personally love the view from my window better. In fact it can be just as twinkly with a night full of stars. It's definitely nothing close to Manhattan, but there's something wonderful about opening your window and seeing hundreds of shades of green. Nature is seriously beautiful.
There isn't much crime, especially in my town, you don't see much police presence, but I suppose they respond quickly when needed- though I have never needed them personally.
I really like living here. We've got great teachers in the schools, great neighbors and great friends.
this area appears to be going down the tubes. good jobs hard to find. houses on the market for long time or vacant.
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