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There are many recreational opportunities provided and the city is keep very safe thanks to the excellent police force in the area. The city is dog and child friendly which allows for all families to feel welcome and secure.
We've lived here for almost thirty years. The increase in traffic noise has marred our former quiet outdoor evenings. The elected city officials are a joke. Every time an area of the city has a controversial issue which is followed by a local meeting they send a an nonelected delegate. So much for representative government. The city controls the development of the old Westminster Mall site. They have a sign that says:"Watch it all Unfold". We've been watching for over six years. We refer to it as:"Westminster Farms". Grass grows faster. There is good access to stores and health care and the parks and recreation are great. If you want to pay your water bill at city hall they've moved the deposit box. You now have to stop the car and get out to deposit your envelope. We used to be able to drive up to a car friendly drop box. Another brilliant move by city hall. Police, Fire and EMS are the best. We still enjoy the area despite the strains of growth and some of the elected idiots .
It's not the best suburb to live in, but it has its moments. However, I have lived in the same apartment building for as long as I can remember because we can't afford to live anywhere else. It is very expensive.
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Suburbs and high-income, mostly Caucasians on the north end of down. Demographically speaking-Moving further south, socioeconomic trends yield to a much broader ethnic group(s) with a lower-income.
I like how safe the neighborhood is. I would like to see a better selection in the grocery store. There needs to be improvement at the intersection of Simms and 100th Avenue heading west. This intersection gets very congested and is difficult for people making turns to have enough space and time to do so.
Westminster is a generally quiet neighborhood that sits between Boulder and Denver. The neighborhood is somewhat diverse with an increasing number of food choices. Transportation is improving with the new rail line near 72nd and Federal. There are numerous bike paths, trails, and lakes. Westminster isn't the best area, but it definitely isn't the worst.
I haven't lived here for very long, but I like it. Comfortable home and friendly neighbors. There's a nice park across the street that's great for walking my dogs around.
Pros: somewhat affordable housing. Lots of nature spots. Easy access to Denver, Boulder, Freeways. A downtown area is being constructed.
Cons: Super suburban; have to drive everywhere. Poor public transit unless you go to a transit hub. Traffic lights are basically timed to make you stop at almost every one, even if going speed limit.
Location is perfect - between downtown Denver and Boulder. Don't like schools though, especially on the south side. Westminster has nice parks. Concern with high focus on real estate development lately. It used to be that there was so much more open space. The city loses citizens and beauty because of this. City of Westminster very accessible and the people who work at the City are very helpful and friendly. Libraries are good.
I have lived here in Westminster since i was born. I have lived in Westminster for 17, about to be 18 now. It's literally such a nice place with amazing environment and super kind people. I would not want anything changed here in Westminster because it continues to thrive
I really enjoy the new Westminster that is being built by my house. There is nice housing developments, restaurants, shopping, and parks.
Westminster is a good family friendly place to live and go to school. There are plenty of things to do, like shopping at the two outdoor malls where in the summer kids play in the fountains. There is also The Butterfly Pavilion, movie theaters, and miles and miles of groomed paths to bike/hike/run. Close to major highways, so its quick to get to Denver.
I like the activities and community involvement present in Westminster. I hope they have more opportunities for youth to get involved into more activities.
Living in Westminster brings a homey feeling to my life. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! Its safe, and I want to raise my kids in the future here.
Westminster's a great place. Clean, safe, quiet, and ever evolving. In most places I wouldn't ever worry about walking home in the dark, and feel as though the schools are doing their part.
Crowded, rude people, too much traffic and construction. Quiet neighbor is now noisy and full of fast racing young kids with no regards for families or young children
Westminster is pleasant. There are no common disturbances, and the surrounding area is always pristine.
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It has a very calm pace throughout the city that can be noticed due to how nice and welcoming most people in this town are. As a part of the community you can find small quirks all around, and even find affordable housing when you look correctly. The amount of care the city give towards how clean and taken care of makes you feel like you don't even notice until you are outside of Westminster. We do have a perfect commute to Denver for a suburb that is still affordable in this housing market.
Westminster is a beautiful place to live. We have incredible views of the mountains which inspire me every day. I feel like my quality of life here is excellent and peaceful. I love that Westminster is a quiet residential area and I never feel unsafe. I am very satisfied with this city but in the future I may like to see better transportation systems.
I would like to see then better manage the petty crime and the homeless situation that we have near 72nd and Federal. There have been shootings and there's usually a good share of cops around my home and workplace. Many people are always stealing from my workplace near this area and on Sheridan and 80th we had a major shooting along there. This area seems to be getting more urban and unruly as days pass.
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