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cost, I am not sure, cause my parents are paying.

I think it is good area to live
My neighbors are very nice. I want to try that I can have more relationship with them
Only a few days, I feel safety and comfortable in this area
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This area been very quiet and people are very kind.

Only a few days, there were some accidents, or people who related to sex, gambling, etc were near here
There really is not that much crime that goes on. Most of it are special occasions, nothing that reoccurs.
I am pleased with the capitol region because where I live specifically, I am near the mall, many restaurants, my job, and most everything is close by. The nightlife is not that great. The people generally aren't that friendly. I know this area has been ranked one of the worst places to live in the country, and this may be true. Harsh winters, unfriendly people, and nothing to grand to see downtown. I would prefer California or somewhere south.
The area is a bit dull, but unique overall.
Depending on where you go some streets houses are fairly close to each other. However, a few streets down the houses are very big, with a lot of space around them. There's a good variety of houses and apartments and spacing around the area.
It is pretty good. Haven't noticed much of any problems around the neighborhood.
People are nice and will help if they see you struggling with groceries or something else of the sort. It makes me feel very safe, except for the few occasions that it snows heavily and the ground is icy or not shovelled (due to living in a private complex). It's a pretty average community.
The only part that stinks is the winters occasionally.
It depends on what you are looking for. There are great places to eat and great family spots. As far as night adventures Dave & Buster's is the only one I can think of. If you go outside of the area there will probably be more things to do. However, I am nott sure about the clubbing and drinking scene of Albany.
The Westmere area around Albany is very diverse. It has big store names, small businesses, and mom-and-pop shops. It has Crossgates and Stuyvesant Plaza and 15 minutes or less away is Wolf Rd, which is a big strip of restaurants and more malls. There are two cinemas, one in Crossgates and one on Wolf Rd. We finally have Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, so the quality of grocery's is one that I would say is pretty high. There is also an Honest Co-op for a wider variety of your organic foods. All that's missing is a Wegman's! And, of course, there's a Walmart, Price Chopper and a Hannaford maybe 10-20 minutes away. In the Crossgates mall, we have big stores such as Lord& Taylor, JCPenny, Macy's, Sears, Dick's and Forever 21. There is also a Dave & Buster's right in Crossgates and the Melting Pot, which is a fondue restaurant. On Wolf Rd. there's a Boscov's and Colonie Mall also has a wide variety of stores. If you want to get pampered on Western Ave. there are two nail salons and a massage therapy place. There's also about 3 Starbucks in maybe a mile or two radius from each other. This area has a lot of more stores and local businesses that are fantastic. Quite a few of them are restaurants or cafes and they are all delicious!
Enjoy the privately owned businesses.
The state provides a strong employment base along with colleges, hospitals and new technology.
It's challenging in the winter but the change of seasons are enjoyable. There's something positive about each season.
I believe the police/fire response is appropriate.
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They are just fine but need more Asian restaurants or markets.
Apartment is good but the transportation....
They are just okay but some of them are a bit pricey without reason.
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