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We have a variety of all the things listed in the question.

We do not have everything we need we are a VERY small town. To get a lot of things we have to drive 20 minutes away
i would live here again and tell folks this is a nice old place to live and raise kids
most folks grow up here and stay here
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some homes are close but not all thats ok with me
We have a lot of great greek restaurants here love them
we dont see alot of crime here but we do have drug houses down the hill from us
All the businesses i go to have all i need
There are a lot of jobs here but not for a disabled vet
Cambridge's Weather is a actually pretty great. There are no nasty natural disaster possibilities that can do more than $1000 in damage. Seasonal weather is mild and produces very little storms.
Not very much tourism in Cambridge because there isn't that much to do here. Enough Said.
Bicyclists need to stay away from Cambridge. Drivers around here like to speed, drink, dodge-pot holes, and try to run over anything that doesn't have four wheels on it.
You can get a slight glimpse in the "Community" section but people in Cambridge don't usually make great neighbors. Racism is too high in the area, followed by an over abundance of rudeness, laziness, and a lack or any respect or kindness to anyone with a different viewpoint to your own.
I really do not know why my parents moved us to this town. People considering moving to this area need to STAY AWAY from Cambridge. The economy will keep you trap and if you don't have blood relatives in town, you are going to have a bad time. Cambridge is not the worst town ever, but it is bad and is only getting worse as its economy, wilderness, health & fitness, housing, and entertainment quality ever declining.
Cambridge has a family friendly atmosphere, and if anything is made of mostly large groups of family members/relatives. Residents tend to liver there whole lives here, and if you are related to someone big, you can get really far in the town. This is not a perfect place for people living in Cambridge are generally lazy around here and rude.
Taxes are not too high, but you get the quality of service that you pay for.
Cambridge is a nice rural "city" that has vast, healthy surrounding wildlife. The only major concerns is the water supply. There are occasional boil alerts, but some of the houses in the area only have wells.
Cambridge doesn't have that bad of a housing.There are plenty of options for any level of economic status.
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Cambridge, Ohio is probably the worst place i have ever lived based on standards of health & fitness. Put it this way: I am one of 2 people in my neighborhood (out of 100) that actually goes jogging outside. There is only one gym in town, which is the YMCA, but I only see 5 people at most in it. Sure, it a small-moderate sized town, but health & fitness in the area is a joke.
If Cambridge has any positives, it's the low crime rate. Besides the occasional shoplifter, which is usually caught the same day, not much crime happens around Cambridge.
The employment and economy around Cambridge is horrible. Recent surveys and studies on the Cambridge economy have came to the result that the jobs around the area pay about $4,000 less than the average american city economy. Trying to find a job is even worst; the bad economy results in small amounts of hiring, but usually jobs are filled by local family members instead of diversifying the job market.
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