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Westlake is a very safe and quiet neighborhood. It provides a mall and a high school close by. The neighborhood is also very clean with no billboards or distracting signs.
Good schools, but not an affordable place to live. Have to have a pretty high income toblive in this community.
Westlake Village is a very quiet suburb of the Los Angeles county that borders Ventura Country. With that being said, commute towards the latter county is quiet excellent - it's a whole different story if you are trying to go in the other direction, though.
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Westlake Village is an incredible safe and gorgeous town. However I would like to know more places to to things at night.
Growing up in Westlake Village from age 12 till 18 left me with a deep appreciation for the wonderful area. I always felt safe and at home while living here. I have nothing but good things to say about the public school system that exposed me to a very friendly and diverse group of students and teachers.
Very pleasant, quite town. Very close to freeways and night life, just across the freeway bridge. Wealthy little suburb area with zero crime rate.
Westlake is a nice quiet town with clean street and generally nice people. The area is quiet which is wonderful when you are a full time student working on homework. I really enjoy living here.
I've lived most of my life in Westlake Village and I've had a great experience. I always felt very safe in my neighborhood and it was a good central location for driving both to LA and to Ventura County. I never had to travel more than 10 miles for the 3 jobs I've had while living here. There are several movie theaters nearby as well as a couple of malls and plenty of restaurants. Overall, Westlake Village is a great place to live if you have the income for it.
I have grown up in Westlake Village my whole life and I absolutely love it, It is a suburb of Los Angeles. It is nice and safe and clean. The people are very nice.
I love living in Westlake. There are tons of kids my age and lots of fun things to do. There are 3 lakes very close by my house and many cool areas to go hiking and enjoy the outdoors. There are plenty of shops and a mall very close by so there is something for everyone to do.
Safe, quiet area. However, it lacks a buzz and energy that you find in the West side of LA. It also lacks ethnic and economic diversity, so people tend to not think about the bigger scope of the world and how other people's experiences can be different than their own. It can be a really great place to grow up, but I believe it is essential to explore the larger world to gain perspective. Perspective is not something you will find if you just stay in Westlake Village for your whole life.
I love living in Westlake Village. This city is very family oriented, safe, great activities especially if you're a physical person.
Nothing real bad has gone on in the community
Lots of healthy options - not much open late at night.
It's just OK. Most people have to commute.
Really have no issues here - health is totally the norm.
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We have no problems with transportation.
We like all our local businesses.
We love our house and we love our neighbors. The area is beautiful.
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