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Most of the houses are well kept and maintained. There is a big variety of home types from some being over 200 years old to newly build homes. A few empty homes, rented homes and privately owned homes. A few have businesses associated with them. Most have a 10 acre lots minimum. Properties tax rate are some of the highest in the states. Utility costs are probably in the average range.
There are crime sprees in our area involving home burglaries when people are at work. It seems to occur in fall and spring. The state police service our area and seem to never respond.
We have 5 seasons, the fifth being "mud season" when the snow melts and the dirt roads are muddy, slippery and large pot holes occur. The winter is cold and very long, the last 2 winters in particular. A lot of time is spent indoors, bored. The summers are short but wonderful. We get about 3-5 days with schools closed in the winter due to the snow. Floods occur in some areas when there are big snow melts and rain. Layering clothes with good winter coat are essential in the winter.
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There is a good variety of food options, just not the greatest quality.
Most of the available jobs are the typical fast food workers, inventory and stocking type jobs which are entry level.
Within a 5 mile radius we have plenty of businesses which cover a wide range of businesses. We have multiple types of restaurants - fast food, drive through, Chinese, Mexican, Italian...We have two major grocery stores, plenty of gas stations and a big chain home supply store. There is an outlet center with a variety of stores as well and a movie theater.
The level of crime in my town is at a minimum, and I would say that most people in the town feel very safe. We don't have a town police department, but when they are needed, it doesn't take much time for them to arrive. Overall, I like my town and I feel safe living in it.
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