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Westfield is known for its great school system. However, it is hard to be a teen in Westfield. The social pressure is extreme and it can be hard to deal with.
Westfield's main perks are physical: a beautiful downtown with tons of local shops and great food; a direct commute to NYC; proximity to many similar towns and connective highways. But its negative qualities are not as outwardly evident. There is a toxic culture that persists throughout Westfield of competition, from the status of one's income/home/career, the prestigious colleges their children attend, old money/new money rivalry, the luxurious donations one is able to make. The parents allow their children to run wild with partying and start terrible tendencies young. The school has a major gap in quality where so many students are forgotten. The new mayor is a complete buffoon and parades around with national policy opinions rather than fixing the necessary local problems. The picturesque nature of Westfield is skin deep.
Westfield is a great town with nice restaurants and a lovely city. They have great schools here and easy commute to New York city by NJ transit trains.
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Westfield is a nice town that has a lot to offer for everyone. There are a lot of restaurants and thing to do in the town itself. I will say that the town doesn't really have a lot of activities for families besides the restaurants. In addition, the town property is very expensive and not that affordable.
It is is mid-sized suburban town. It has decent selection of parks. It has a decent downtown. It is fairly safe town, with very little crime.
I love Westfield. It has a very homely feeling in that you will find people to connect with every where in it. Down town is full of high quality stores with good places to eat and great shops to browse. There is a diversity of cultures with
Great town with nice people and lots of options especially if you have a family. Lots of restaurants, walking options, interesting events, and diverse political perspectives. Schools are excellent overall; however recent changes in the administration at Jefferson School have seemed to create an unhealthy tension; teachers have worn black to protest the new principal’s behavior and policies. Stress leaves for staff are higher than any other school. At some point this will need to be addressed, as it is beginning to negatively impact parents and students.
I raised my children as a single mom. It is hard because Westfield is hard financially for single parent trying to raise children. I love the town the people and I feel comfortable when my children go out with their friends. I feel safe and the schools are great. I pray that I can continue to live in Westfield and be able to send my son to college and afford to live here.
Westfield is a rich, white, suburban town where everyone looks and acts the same. The Academics are highly ranked and the teachers are well credited. The down town is a great place for restaurants and other small shops. It's close to New York City which is great for commuters.
Overall Westfield is a fantastic place to live. It has beautiful houses ranging from low to high values giving everyone an opportunity to live here. The downtown is in the middle of town allowing it to be accessible to everyone. It has a variety of clothing stores, restaurants and speciality places. In addition to the social life, Westfield has an amazing public school system, which attracts many. The town is also very safe with its local police station located in downtown. On top of that, it is very clean and beautiful with its many parks.
Westfield is an amazing town and school system. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else for my 18 years. I have made life long friends here and the schooling has set me up to have an extremely successful future.
Very calm suburban town. Plenty of restaurants in town. Quick commute to New York. The downtown provides a pleasant experience for both teens and adults.
It's a lovely town to raise children and feel safe, very peaceful and the area is just beautiful. I would change the insane parking policies, no real parking for people who live downtown and the meter maids drive away business.
As a resident of Westfield, I always praise the warmth of this community. I had an incredible high school experience, with a strong curriculum and patient teachers. It's a beautiful town with many opportunities for shopping and activities. As a college student, I'm not able to afford to live here on my own. The best part of this town- the community. It's an incredible friendly town, and safety has never been an issue. As a high school and college student, there are many opportunities to find part time or even full time jobs. there are even more opportunities to volunteer and find relevant internships. Overall, 4/5 stars. Beautiful place to be in.
Westfield is a very wealthy and safe town. the only crime here is someone speeding in there sports car.
The town itself is a very very nice place to live. The center is very cute and it's super fun to walk around, you will never be bored. Everything is easily accessible, from the library to the high school, it's all relatively walkable. There is little to no crime, and there is an extremely good school system. However, the pricing is extremely high, and as a student, I've always had a hard time socializing with people in Westfield and creating friendships. It's a very very cliquey town, I've lived here my entire life and I have never had a very close friend. People are snobby and tend to exclude others. Everyone's the same, and people are very quick to single others out.
I like that Westfield is an extremely safe and outgoing community. The people are friendly, the town is a wonderful place to spend time either dining out, shopping, or meeting new people. We have a fantastic school system and hold very high standards in education. One thing I would like to see change is the amount of money it costs to live here because I believe that Westfield has so much to offer and that some people aren't given a fair shot at accessing these resources because the cost of living is so high and the taxes can be brutal on families.
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Great town especially for families. Schools are good, downtown is wonderful for restaurants and shopping.
Very cute town! Downtown area is full of restaurants and stores, with some boutiques owned by locals!
Good schools, involved parents, high taxes, beautiful homes. One hour commute via bus or train into NYC. Active downtown with many good restaurants.
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