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I love the location and all the neighbors are friendly. It is a truly tight friendly community and the parks are fenominal.
This place is a hidden gem. Western Springs Is an urban-suburban-small town with cosmopolitan people. The schools are excellent and quality of life is high. The downtown stores have a rich set of offerings. We love it here.
I have lived in Western Springs all my life. I have gone through the entire public school system, even changing elementary schools. The teachers were always wonderful, the neighbors friendly when we moved, and the business area welcoming for a new business coming in.
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I think Western Springs is a great town with a small community mindset, so we all help each other out. To me, it seems like a movie with the kids playing outside and the ice cream trucks driving around, it is wonderful.
It's a wonderful little town, everyone there is very friendly and caring. The town strip is a bit small but well decorated. The train station runs directly through town allowing everyone easy access to it.
Western Springs is a classical MidWest small town with just over 12,000 residents. Centrally located just outside of Chicago it offers the small town feel with being close to a major metropolis. Both the public and private elementary and high schools offer some of the best education in the state.
Growing up here offers the safety of knowing you are in a community that cares about it residents and the future of the town. Extracurricular activities abound from sports to theatre to Boys & Girls Scouts to various choices for religion.
This town captures it all! They have excellent public and private schools for families. There is a very small and quaint downtown area that has several restaurants and wine bars. A good old fashioned market with a butcher/deli, fruit store, oberweiss, Starbucks and many small businesses owned by our very own residents! The town resembles a modern day "Maybury" and yes almost everyone knows each other! I've Iived here for the past 12 years, since my son turned 5 and could start going to school and have loved every minute of it!
Seeing scholarship opportunities is really helpful. I like that I can search for scholarships based off of my own criteria. No complaints as of now for me to mark.
The police are constantly patrolling to the point where the only issue they have are dealing with rebellious teenagers passed there curfew.
Currently the village of Western Springs is going through a transitional point from an old town that was dry, to a town that is starting to have a growing night life due to the incoming restaurants moving into the village.
There is almost no crime in Western Springs. Except for the occasional house party or vandalism, crime is little to none.
I love where I live! Almost everything about it is wonderful from the wonderful public schools to the amazing amounts of opportunities. However the lack of diversity is something that could be improved upon.
A couple cases of armed robbery, and one murder that I can remember. But other than that, no other crime.
It's not the most exciting place to live in terms of entertainment, but it is extremely safe and I'm so thankful to have grown up here.
The police force is always responsive and always visible. The only problem that can be had with them is that since the town is so safe and secure, they tend to over react on small things, such as jay walking. They also will send in an overuse of the force for a small disturbance or accident.
The only downside is cost, but that helps finance.
There are many forest preserves with bike/walk trails that are greatly enjoyed by community residents.The public parks are very well kept and there are many grassy fields for games and picnics.
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Growing up in this town, I have always felt comfortable walking around to run errands or enjoy a nice sunny day.
Anyone who knows Chicago weather will understand that you can wake up and it's 60 degrees and sunny and return home later that night at 40 degrees with a severe thunderstorm warning. Springtime is beautiful and winter is great -- as long as you're okay with tons of snow.
I love my town! Most of the people in this town are very friendly, outgoing, and willing to help others. The volunteering opportunities, education opportunities, and public parks provide for a healthy environment to raise a family.
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