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I love my neighborhood, no violence ever. People are very respectful when it comes to partying late at night or playing loud music. Kids always riding bike up and down the street. Also the neighbors are very friendly.
I love westchester! I was raised in westchester. I still live here and I do not plan of moving any time soon. There are many stores, restaurants around. You do not need to go far to find anything you may need.
Westchester is a quiet neighborhood west of Coral Gables. It is close to the expressway making the commute ideal to anywhere in Miami. It is smack in the middle of Miami, and all malls, airport, beaches, Brickel, Coconut Grove, and Downtown are just 10-20 minutes away. It has excellent public schools and bike lanes with bike rentals available. It has Tropical Park within minutes, a large Public Library, Aldi, Walmart, Ross, TJMaxx, Publix, Target, Walgreens, CVS all within minutes or walking distance. Westchester is the new Gables without the high taxes and stringent city codes.
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Provide the same modern infrastructure that is being allocated in other areas of Miami such as Coral Gables, Brickell, and Downtown. Due to it being a suburb for older generations its been left without consideration. Although, people don't realize younger generations of the middle class are slowly migrating into it.
Very nice environment. People in Westchester are accepting and caring due to the high diversity. Felt very welcomed when first moving into this area.
Westchester is a quaint neighborhood in the Miami area and is located near Florida International University. It is very family oriented and is very close to local Miami attractions.
Growing up in Texas is much different than living in Westchester. The average resident of Westchester is a spanish speaking individual with varied backgrounds. I enjoy the exposure and kindness that I get to experience in the neighborhood.
Ugh. Don't move here. Ever. Bad traffic. Low wages. 6% unemployment rate (2017). Drivers are suicidal, they will throw themselves wherever they feel like. It's just bad. The reason I joined Niche is to get away from here. Far away. The wages don't compensate for the high cost of housing. I could write a novel. Seriously, unless you're a multi-millionaire looking for a luxury condo, don't move to South Florida.
Westchester is a very comfortable and safe Hispanic community in Miami-Dade County. The schools are pretty good and housing prices are fair, considering the area.
I like the liveliness of the area and of the inhabitants. There is never a boring day here in Westchester, everything is always busy and you never really feel alone because there are always people around you.
the house are not taken care of. Some of the house are so dirty on the outside and the grass is over grown to an extreme.
The people that have moved here do drugs and don't really have an education. Most of the homes have around 10 people renting in just one home.
Westchester, the community I live in is currently experience high traffic jams and a lot of Latin population. I as a Latin American and used to this type of environment but it generally can become overwhelming. However the climate can never be weather it is warm year round, the beaches are great for a swim almost everyday.
I would say it's a pretty safe neighborhood, its just not the best.
I would say this area where I live use to be an adequate neighborhood for family but it has not become a neighborhood for loud people from other countries.
I live in a nice area. My neighborhood is kept clean and tidy.
I love Miami, it is a wonderful place to live.
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The location is relatively quiet and well kept, but in the case of a negative situation, the police have always appeared to be professional and timely. FIU has it's own police force that frequently makes rounds and is present whenever there has been an alarming situation on campus.
This location is rich in diversity, entertainment, and food. With FIU being within the area, there is an array of different cultures that have given reason for many places to open such as Asian Markets and multicultural restaurants. The university has given many opportunities for community service, self expression, and over all opportunity for the youth of society.
This neighborhood was originally built in the 1940s. The original community had small houses and big lots. Throughout the year people have remodeled the house and have added additions. Some of the old houses were knocked down and new ones have been built. Overall, most of the houses in the neighborhood are well kept. In the last few years some of the houses have been put up for rent, which has decreased the beauty and tranquility of some of the streets in the neighborhood.
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