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I enjoy the forestation which means taking walks in the night & daytime is refreshing. The neighbors also are not invasive of privacy.
Westbury is a hidden gem in Long Island - I moved here just a few years ago and I almost wish other folks won't discover it! It's so convenient to get into the city (I commute to the city every day and my commute is an hour door to door!). It's also very close to ALL of the best shopping malls, restaurants and high ways. The schools are fantastic; my new doctor is a graduate of the Westbury public school system and couldn't be a more polite professional. I am starting to spike in young families and millennials moving into the area so I suspect home prices will start to spike as well. Love the area! It's such a wonderful, well located part of the island.
Diverse, comfortable. One side is very quiet and suburb like, other side is more up beat and busy. The Main Street, Post Ave., is filled with businesses, that display the diversity of the community. Here you will find a variety of restaurants, Italian, Mexican, Portuguese, Indian, Salvadorian, just to mention a few of the delicacies that one could encounter. At the town Piazza there are always community events that highlight the beauty of culture, through music, food, art work, etc. Train station is conveniently located, making the commute into NYC a bit easier. It is overall a warm community that continues to improve
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Great town where everything is a 5 or 10 minute drive away. The bus drives through the town often so it's accessible to everyone. Great places to eat, many stores and even a galleria. Train station in the middle of the town also
Growing up in this town shaped me to be who I am, it is predominantly Hispanic and black and the public schools are terrible, but the town itself is full of life and is truly a great community
Westbury is very family friendly with schools and a Great Park and Golf course nearby. Its residents are diversified with many cultural and backgrounds mixed in. I have been a resident for 3 years and love the fact that food shopping and the Broadway Mall are near by.
I lived here all my life! NO matter where I go, I will always represent Westbury, NY! It is pretty much like a family because not many people has moved. I still have the same friendships for over a decade.
Certain areas of Westbury are not that great but there are many restaurant options nearby and Roosevelt Field Mall is very close.
I've lived in westbury for over a year now, it's a great town some areas are nicer than others. There are a lot of places to eat and all are close some within walking distance. For example taco Joe's for all the taco lovers like me as well as checkers McDonald's pizza places, marios pizzeriera is my favorite.. there are near by parks if you have kids.. all there are shopping centers for all the make up lovers Ulta is close by and target Walmart everythjng is within minutes of each other .. westbury is a great town you make a lot of friends and a lot of people know each other
I love how peaceful the town is. And how close everything is to my home. The only thing Westbury needs is a bit of road repair and to get rid of the industrial area
I love the area itself, I mean I live in the area where you have all the entertainment, malls and shopping center 2 mins away which is a plus for me. I have no problems at all, neighbors are good and you just live it up!! The schools system could be better I mean my daughter is 3 and she has to wait till she's 4 to start that's understandable but then she will have to go through 3 different school before reaching middle school I'm not gonna put her through all that, rather send her to private school where transition process can be a bit smooth for her but I love this area off the post Ave area that's where I reside, and I'm a happier camper.
I live in Salisbury, a small section of Westbury, where kids playing on the streets during summer and picnic on the front lawn. It's a wonderful place to raise kids and have a quiet family life.
Post avenue is fairly popular during the weekends. Also the train station being nearby makes the commute to the city less of a hassle.
Growing up in Westbury was an interesting experience. Once a predominately white neighborhood, it has grown into a multicultural town where everyone knows each other and I'm proud to call it my home.
Westbury is a very diverse community. It is central to shopping and the railroad. The village has a new theatre "The Space" that accommodates artists of all genre. The entertainment is great. Post Avenue, the downtown area will be going through a revitalizaton process to attract more visitors.
Not much crime as there used to be. I do see police presence occasionally.
This is a pretty good area; Many conveniences close by, but yet have the enjoyment of privacy and quietness. The "bad" neighborhoods in this town is progressing towards a better standard. If I could do it all over, I am not sure if I would live here because the public transportation is not on the same standard or convenience as it is in Queens, where I grew up.
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I haven't had any issues.
This is a good area to live because access to fast food, restaurants and major roadways are great. There are also nearby schools and many things are walking distance. Even though access to the LIRR and the bus are pretty good, with a car, it easier to get around.
I like the changing seasons
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