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I grew up on the shoreline, so it was nice to settle back on the shoreline with my kids. The schools are good and the park and rec office is awesome. They have an excellent summer camp program that my daughter thoroughly enjoyed. Drawback to a small town-not much to do at night and everything closes early. You would have to travel to Middletown or another bigger city to do anything at night. Crime rate is low and everyone is pretty nice for the most part.
Nothing about this tight-knit community needs changing. With class sizes in the double digits and a large budget for each of the three schools, a student can pave their way through their educational experience with ease. The freedom this town offers within the community's high school baffles me to this day, although; it's perfect for the indecisive students (such as myself) who have a variety of skills and interests and need guidance.
Everyone knows the officers names, whether they are state troopers or town police. They participated actively in D.A.R.E. with us, and are willing to take time out of their busy day to chat with those who are interested about their jobs or just to chit chat and crack jokes. We are all a team in this community. We try to be as cooperative as possible when the poilce are doing their job. IT is an extremely stressful line of work so we try to accommodate for that as best we can by staying out of their way or offering a helping hand when they need it.
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We are a tight knit community. We come together to clean the beach during the summer and I always run into former classmates while visiting my former teachers at the schools. Everyone says hi to each other, whether we are passing by in the supermarket or see each other from across the street. I'm glad I grew up in my town. It has made me the person I am today, and I'm proud to be apart of it. It is quiet and peaceful. But there is always something to do, whether it is shopping, visiting the beach, or just running out for ice cream. More and more people are coming to Westbrook. It is a huge vacation spot. We have even built a bigger school to accommodate the increasing population.
Its not a bad area. Its small, and quaint, and if someone wants to live in an area where everyone knows each other, and with everything that comes from it then it is a great place to live.
There isn't very much crime here.
It depends on what you want employment in.
The local businesses are very involved with the community.
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