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Westampton Township Reviews

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Westampton is a quiet town, the residents are generally nice and the schools are high quality with teacher that care aboout their students.
Great place to live. I used to reside in Trenton, New Jersey. It wasn't the best place to grow up. However Westampton has great people. everyone is kind and people shovel your snow for free, which is always a bonus. Most things aren't more than a half an hour away from where I live. The police force comes very quickly if you're Caucasian.
I love the town, it’s pretty large so I wish I knew more people. Other than that it’s great, good school district and great people that I live with
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This area is great for kids, pets because there are so many people that raise the families here. People live around here for awhile 10+ years.
It's awesome and comfortable here! Love it!
In all my years living here I have always had confidence in the police.
This area is relatively quiet which can be good or bad. The schools are really good and you can get into the Philadelphia area very quickly.
Westampton is a small town, but it is growing; not only in character but in size and wealth. We are putting up more turf fields around our area to attract attention of athletes and athletic organizations to have their tournaments here to increase money coming into our town as well as people coming in from outside areas. They get to see what our small town has to offer. We have great police, great schools, and wonderful restraints all within reach. Overall, it is a great place to live.
The houses have plently of space between them.
The roads are sometimes very bad.
The crime is fairly low compared to the next town.
There is a wide variety of weather.
There are plenty of stores to work out.
There is a large variety of great tasting food.
The stores are mostly average.
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