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It is the perfect size and conveniently located! They are building a new hospital that will be completed in 2019. The public school is a nice size but also convenient to Christian private school. Multiple private preschools available. Real estate in the area is still a value. But the market is going up so a good time to purchase. High school is a nice size so the students can get involved and very much "family oriented". There are some nice walking trails in the area. Less than an hour to Harrisburg, Lancaster and about an hour to Baltimore.
It is very average. York is an unfriendly and judgmental place that tend to stereotype and categorize people with actually knowing them.
West York is on the edge of downtown York. As such, it is very similar to the area. It's not exactly a high-income location and the schools, neighborhoods, and other public places reflect that. Sometimes I wish I didn't live here. However, it's in a nice part of Pennsylvania. It's between the rural areas and the urban areas, which creates a cost environment. This is a big reason I don't mind living here.
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West York is an overall nice place to live. It isn't a very big borough, so there really isn't anything special about it. The schools are nice and we have the annual York Fair to look forward to each year. There are plenty of restaurants and places to hang out within a 15 minute drive.
The public school is much better than others in the area, which is why I chose to live in West York. However, the borough is known for it's small task force being very feeble in crimes (parking tickets are more important than preventing shootings of course).
It's a really normal place.
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