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I like the numerous options available to all ages for entertainment and relaxation during the Spring through Autumn. It can become quite dreary during the winter, however, as many stores close for the season, and I would like to see more options stay available during the cold season.
West Yarmouth is a relaxed place, extremely diverse, sometimes loud because of bonfires, but Yarmouth knows how to live.
West Yarmouth, MA is a great place to live. Being on the Cape Cod peninsula, the temperature is always more comfortable than inland areas because the ocean absorbs heat in the summer and releases heat in the winter. Ponds, rivers and conservation forests are commonplace in West Yarmouth and the ocean and famous Cape Cod beaches are just minutes away. The school system is exceptional from elementary to the high school level. There is also Cape Cod Community College ten minutes away in West Barnstable. The groundwater is held to a very level of purity and the town police makes the town feel safe.
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Yarmouth is a pretty safe place but there is a lot of robberies and things like that. People trying to get money to support their drug need.
Yarmouth is a basic town with not much inside of it. There is also a huge drug abuse problem around here and I would not choose to live here again.
There is more drug problems, overdoses and duis. More young people are dying due to this and they can't afford to stay here. If you are established then it's a good area.
Nice area to live in, moderate temperature year round. Heavily populated in summer, less so in winter. Many resources outside of school, including scouts and bands.
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