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West Whiteland Township Reviews

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No concerns, I have a PA state trooper and his family living two houses away.
As stated above with new families and a growing area, new businesses, and safe area, I'm satisfied and happy I live here.
We never have a disturbance in the area.
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I live in a nice home and it is comfortable.
There is hardly any crime
This is a very nice area. The location is adjacent to a lot of restaurants and shopping malls.
I love the area I live in! West Chester is very quaint and just a lovely town to live in.
Great combination of rural living and convience to the mall/stores/restaurants.
There are lots of areas around my home with great dining options
Sometimes its hard to find jobs that relate to your field
There is a variety of food types in my area.
I have yet to be employed in this area.
There are a variety of local businesses in my area. There is just enough so that competition with big stores is not that big, but both are available to me within a 15 mile radius.
Overall, the general area is well kept; there are some exceptions (i.e. an abandoned house across the street)
local parks for children, though main parks are father away
A very safe and mild area so to speak
We have four very distinct seasons here!
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Almost every restaurant in the area is a chain, and/or close around 9pm/10pm..
Most employment option in the area are at local chains, the mall, etc… Many commute to other areas for their jobs...
I live out in the suburbs; most of the businesses within the area are chains. Very few small businesses or shops, restaurants with character.
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