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My family has lived in West Warwick for generations and I can understand why! The community support in this town is unmatched. Throughout middle school high school and college, I was a student-athlete. I understood the importance of representing my town in a positive light, and I always felt supported. by the community. Over my lifetime, the town has made significant improvements to athletic facilities, demonstrating a commitment to the next generation and their access to safe and updated facilities. The new facilities also demonstrate the commitment to providing access to healthy, safe, and fun places for students to come together and to use their time constructively.
Not clean and there is a lot of crime and heavy police presence. Ive experienced a lot of harassment in this area as a young woman and I don’t leave my house alone.
It's a mixture of the good side of Cranston, and one of the worst sides in Warwick. I feel like West Warwick is gonna going to be another Central Falls, and Cranston going to be Lincoln, and Warwick is going to be Pawtucket.
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Its ok to live over here as a starter. This is like a smaller Warwick, some places are beautiful, and some are absolute trash.
Recently moved to area. It seems to be a older mill town as a suburb of providence. Defintiely seems that Warwick has the shops and things to do more than West Warwick.
I would like to see a few changes with how the school is run. A few of the teachers and bus drivers seem to be questionable choices.
West Warwick is a very homey place. It's nice and quiet. There are many stores to go to in a short distance. It's also close to the highways. I really enjoy living here.
West warwick is an affordable place to live and my neighborhood is quiet. Other neighborhoods in this town have bad roads, dirty homes, and uncleanly streets. Business in the area suffer and dont have much curb appeal. West warwick does, however, have plenty of stores at my convenience within a small distance. I would not prefer to raise a family here unless it were in my neighborhood. It is close by to route 2 giving you access to the highways and big stores, therefore the convenience is prime.
A small town with very little attractions, however, it is located in the middle of Rhode Island, therefore keeping in within easy reach of everything the state has to offer. Public schools offer many opportunities for students seeking them. Roads are bad.
West Warwick is laid back and a peaceful location. Everything that one would need is within driving distance and traveling to any corner of Rhode Island only takes 30 - 45 minutes from here.
I have lived in West Warwick my whole life and it is a great community. There are a variety of great school systems and a diverse community. It's a small town where everyone you meet is friendly.
If you don't have a well paying job, then you might want to reconsider. The taxes are outrageous, with property and vehicles being the worst.
West Warwick is my hometown, and I cannot help but have some sort of fondness for it. Overall, my experience in this town is very good. In my neighborhood, we often do not see crime, and the the public high school is a very good school. The facilities and culture in West Warwick are also very nice. The West Warwick Public Library is incredible, and so is the community in the town. It may be small, but it is mighty.
The area is ok. There isn't much going on. Rent is a bit high in this area. This area do have good malls to shop at.
I love W. Warwick. I previously lived in Providence for about 38 years and being in W.Warwick is a breath of fresh air. I love the fact that there is no wild nightlife (read from one of the previous comments) and that's what keeps the Riff rafs out and the violence. Wish my kids would have went to school here. I think its very safe, neighbors are great. And I love the fact that I don't have to deal with the dump street cameras or hoodlums racking havoc. No nonsense town and would not have it any other way.
I like that this city has a sense of normalcy and a nice quietness and beauty in its surroundings.

I would like to see improvement in Artic, because it is a less safe area of West Warwick, and it is more dirty than other parts of West Warwick with litter.
West Warwick has good neighborhoods, nice people, and good schools. The community is very involved and lots of special events and town activities are always available.
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I lived in Rhode Island when I was younger. I was basically born here. Then I moved to another state. I recently moved back about 2 months ago. I was always in Providence or Cranston. I live in West Warwick with my friend who is basically like my sister. I love how quiet it is. I love how everything is close, like stores and restaurants. I feel safe around my neighborhood. I love it because I live with my niece and nephew and safety is important.
West Warwick is not awful, but not great either. Some areas are cute and quaint. Not the nicest part by far of Rhode Island...Also not a suburb of providence. I did not go to school here so I cannot give my first-hand experience, but from what I heard it is not the best school system. Still better than some neighboring schools however. It is one of the cheaper parts of Rhode Island, but there is not much to do in West Warwick. Close to providence and centrally located in Rhode Island. But does not have a wild nightlife or even high-end restaurants.
West Warwick has a very good, welcoming community that makes everyone feel at home. I have not lived here for my whole life but I do call it my home.
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