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I would like for the roads do be fixed in order for us to get to our destination safely and more opportunities for students.
A lot of diversity and lots of nice people around the city. The city holds many stores around so you do not have to travel far. Also beautiful homes around with clean streets.
Overall west valley has all the convenient things that people expect. The Trax, Valley Fair Mall, Granger High school all form the foundation of west valley. Although the city has its perks it also has a really bad reputation due to the crime. I'd say West Valley is probably the most dangerous part of the Salt Lake valley.
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West valley is growing. I have lived here my whole life. From my youth till now it has improved significantly. They resently built a new high school. They have up graded the mall and city center. So over all it is a great place.
Decent size, tight knit community with many local and popular venues. From restaurants, to movie theaters, to grocery stores. West valley has a little bit of everything to offer.
As a resident of neighboring Salt Lake City, I am very impressed with the community of West Valley City and it's one of my favorite bedroom communities of SLC!
This city is substantially more diverse than the rest of Utah overall, and people from Latin America, Northern Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands are represented here.
It is a friendly, peaceful, humble and working class people, with the best cultural dynamic that Utah has to offer, seemingly.
I like the diversity in West Valley City and even when things there are small, there’s a variety of them.
I personally believe that in West Valley City, I have been able to create a home that is both comfortable for me and my family. West Valley is a part of who I am where leaving makes me uncomfortable.
West Valley City is really diverse. You get the opportunity to learn mnay things and have a different experience from other cities.
West Valley City is the best city I have lived in. I used to live in other parts of Utah, but West Valley was bar far the most diverse. I love everything about West Valley and I love the diversity a lot. It's kind of a closed town too so you're not that well known. Everything is super close so you always have access to a lot of resources.
I like that many people here depending on where you live are fairly nice. I'd like to see less crime rates and shootings.
West Valley City is a small but diverse city. Safety is questionable sometimes; however, I love the environment and the people.
For the most part I live in an area that isn't that bad. The police force is great and quick to respond when called out. There is a lot of accidents at the intersection 2 blocks above me and the fire station and police station are not far away from me either, which can be kind of loud at times with their sirens going.
I love the friendliness of those in my neighborhood and community. All the trees and plants make our community beautiful. I love that there are so many available elementary schools and quality high schools in our area with staff that we can trust and rely on. I feel safe in my community as well. However, I would like to see more involvement in cleaning up our neighborhoods and parks. At night, I do not feel safe going outside. The diversity in our area is so huge! In our community, there is a variety of cultures and peoples who are able to connect with one another.
I grew up here in West Valley so I love it. It does have a bad reputation in Utah, but I have always felt safe here.
There are some nice areas of town, and plenty of conveniences (such as Target, restaurants, etc). However, crime is higher than normal for the area.
I've pretty much lived here most my life so i really don't know much difference. It's pretty good and i like it. When i move away from my parents it wont be too far from here.
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I have lived in West Valley city for about 3 years, I enjoy the farmers market. I just wish there were more locally grown fruits and veggies.
My experience with West Valley City has been a pleasant experience I've been living in the neighborhood for about 6 years now. This is where my daughter is being brought up, as being a single mother it is very affordable living and everything is nearby the convenience stores supermarkets Etc. The one thing that I will change about the area is to have more street lights.
I love West Valley City. I enjoy being close to the state's capital city while still being in a nice suburb. I reside in a quiet neighborhood where I feel safe. The city has many great amenities and is a beautiful place to live and visit.
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