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West St. Clair Township Reviews

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The main object of transportation around here is car. Most places are also accesible by car and walking, however.
Around here it is mostly known for it's Historic value. There may not be much to do, but there are a lot of antique buildlings and places to visit.
The seasons always change around here. During the winter, it often snows very heavy. During the spring it rains a lot, causing some flooding.
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The majority of restaraunts are here are not open very late. Most places that are open late at night are not very close to this area.
The employment in this area isn't very high. Depending on the jobs that people are searching for, they can't get a good paying job around here.
The local businesses in Bedford county are small. Many of these places are family owned and operated. There are many mom-and-pop stores around, but more families are starting to open franchises.
Shawnee State Park is the place to go. Their camp sites are roomy and private. They other fishing, boating, canoeing, and even hunting.
Many people are involved and volunteer at the local fire hall and ambulance. I would trust my life with all of them, they are well trained by their superiors.
I got a summer job at a family owned business and it is wonderful as a temporary job. However there are not many career opportunities around here.
Summer, Spring, and Fall are absolutely beautiful I would not change a thing about them! However, the winters here are unbearable and seem to go on forever with negative temperatures and inches of never ending snow.
There is not bar/nightlife in this town. You have to travel to big cities to get a good night.
There are many small family owned businesses that are wonderful
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