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West Seneca , a few years back was chosen as the best place to raise children in New York State. The schools are very good and there is a low crime rate. A near ideal position between a growing culturally vibrant city of Buffalo and the countryside. There is a safe climate, free of weather phenomena. It is also very clean. There are activities such as community days, the farmers market, craft shows, queen of Heaven Carnival. There is a historical society and ice rink. You can also launch a kayak from Buffalo Creek. It is close to the Buffalo Bills Stadium, 30 minutes from Kissing Bridge <a ski lodge and 20 minutes from Canada, Niagara Falls and Darien Lake Theme Park.
I’ve lived in West Seneca my entire life. It’s a place I’m devestated to leave but, I know I’ll be even more happy here once I return from college. The community is like no other, everyone knows everyone and there’s never a dull moment! A place to eat at every corner, and numerous parks, as well as music/art/food festivals! West Seneca is truly a place where you’ll never get bored!
It is a wonderful place to live. And it is even better to raise children, with many parks and social activities to participate in. We just built a new library with a gym, Spot Coffee, and of course many books! Highly recommend!
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Nice community, public schools are very good with great teachers. Easy access to various stores and markets.
There's no place like home, in the middle of all the surrounding towns, has diverse areas being middle income. Decent sized, a good amount of people and a decent amount of local businesses in reach of the city and malls. Has a nice creek running through the middle with a couple parks and a plaza to give the town some life.
West Seneca is a great place to live. There is lots to do for families- including the many parks, restaurants, and community events (carnivals, runs, parades, etc.). It has been a great place for me to grow up as the schools were great!
West Seneca is a superb area of Buffalo. There are many places to enjoy yourself such as the Soccer Complex and the parks of the town. As well as an amazing school system offered, and many places to eat that are close to home. The town is quiet and the community is connected. I would maybe like to see some more parks and recreational spots, but overall a great town to be in!
I really enjoy living here! I feel safe and I feel like it is a well organized community. I feel like a lot of people are involved to keep it this way!
West Seneca is a Nice neighborhood with friendly people, many stores and many things to do. Love the area.
Unlike other parts of Buffalo, West Senecas roads are always smooth and free of potholes. In addition, after living at my residence for 5+ years, I find that West Seneca is a very quiet Neighborhood. The schools seem wonderful, and the police are easily spotted i.e. you don't have to wait hours before one responds. Everyone that lives here is super friendly and very understanding! Compared to another part of Buffalo, I consider the cost of living in West Seneca to be reasonable compared to other states. Houses are rarely for sale and when they are, they are sold fairly quickly. Because Buffalo is such a small place, the commute to anywhere is no more than 30 minutes away. Here in West Seneca, the closest stores are 10-15 minutes away depending on traffic. Everything closes around 9/10pm here, so if you in for the "nightlife" I advise moving close to Allentown or the Elmwood Village.
West seneca has it all which is a huge benefit. I am very close to all the thruways and stores. Its a very safe neighborhood with low crime rate. Just overall a really nice place to live.
It's a nice and friendly place to live a raise a family. I've meet some nice and respectful people. The children are respectful and well mannered. This is a place of residence I would love to raise my daughter in.
I love the community in general! The community provides a safe, fun and educational area for my children to grow up in.
I have lived in West Seneca all my life. I have met all my friends here and have attended school here. It is a great community and I feel safe here.
Love the fact that it's so easy, easy to understand and search for scholarships. On a separate note it hurt that I can't fine any for disabled vets
There is very little and crime in my surrounding area.
The area in which I live is very safe, clean, and continuing to grow.
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Living in West Seneca was an amazing place to grow up. The overall atmosphere of the town is happy and friendly. We have a great sence of community shown by our annual Community Days Parade where local organizations march down Main St. and around town, throwing candy to the little kids and passing out flyers to parents for clubs such as Youth Theatre, Girl Scouts of WNY, the Lions Club and so many more. The school system is great too. Aside from the wide spread loss of teaching jobs in our area, my school, West Seneca West Senior High, has one of the highest rated music programs in the country.

During 'Snow-vember', there was not a person in town that wasn't out helping their neighbor clear snow from their roof so it wouldn't collapse as so many did. Elderly people in my neighborhood were helped without having to ask for it. Then when the snow cleared up and the travel ban was lifted, many of us chipped in to help the family down the street clean up what was left of their garage after it fell down from the pressure of the snow on top.

This town is more than a community, we're a family. People who were strangers offered to help in a time of need, school students offer to do community service instead of being told they have to, and awareness drives are held annually for organizations such as Bald 4 Bucks, UNYTS and American Red Cross Blood Drive, Feed a Family and so many more. West Seneca will always be a great place to start a family and as our community grows, I see a bright future ahead for job opportunities, academic achievement and overall safeness in the area.
I love all of the business that are in West Seneca. My favorite place to shop on the weekends is the Southgate plaza. It has the right amount of small, convenient stores that make for an easy trip.
Many variety of quality stores to choose from
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