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West Seneca , a few years back was chosen as the best place to raise children in New York State. The schools are very good and there is a low crime rate. A near ideal position between a growing culturally vibrant city of Buffalo and the countryside. There is a safe climate, free of weather phenomena. It is also very clean. There are activities such as community days, the farmers market, craft shows, queen of Heaven Carnival. There is a historical society and ice rink. You can also launch a kayak from Buffalo Creek. It is close to the Buffalo Bills Stadium, 30 minutes from Kissing Bridge <a ski lodge and 20 minutes from Canada, Niagara Falls and Darien Lake Theme Park.
Small town, very easily access to groceries, pet care, restaurants, gas stations, ice cream places. Other than getting food theres not much to do. Mostly older people and teenagers.
I’ve lived in West Seneca my entire life. It’s a place I’m devestated to leave but, I know I’ll be even more happy here once I return from college. The community is like no other, everyone knows everyone and there’s never a dull moment! A place to eat at every corner, and numerous parks, as well as music/art/food festivals! West Seneca is truly a place where you’ll never get bored!
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Living in West Seneca, NY, is great. You have many different activities to do throughout the seasons. As well as helpful neighbors.
It is a wonderful place to live. And it is even better to raise children, with many parks and social activities to participate in. We just built a new library with a gym, Spot Coffee, and of course many books! Highly recommend!
Pros: it’s safe (I’ve lived here for over 20 years and have never been a victim of any kind of crime). Pretty (lots of green space and a creek running through the town’s center). Accessible (three expressway exits to take you anywhere you want to go quickly).
Cons: Let’s start with the taxes! West Seneca is one of the highest taxed places in WNY. Which would be fine if the services were good, but they are not good enough! The schools consistently rank in the mid-20’s when compared with other towns in WNY, and that is simply not good enough when you have a top 10 tax base! The police force is responsive, but equally as aggressive. The town hall is new and grand, but there is no quint village. There are parks galore but forget about finding a decent restaurant!
Nice community, public schools are very good with great teachers. Easy access to various stores and markets.
West Seneca has taught and shown me many things, both good and bad. It is not perfect but it's the only home i've know and it's allowed me to become the person I am.
I love that in West Seneca everyone you talk to and meet are very nice, helpful and kind. To me, West Seneca also has the best local restaurants and places to hangout. Often I hear my parents complaining about the high taxes, so I would really like to see that change.
There's no place like home, in the middle of all the surrounding towns, has diverse areas being middle income. Decent sized, a good amount of people and a decent amount of local businesses in reach of the city and malls. Has a nice creek running through the middle with a couple parks and a plaza to give the town some life.
West Seneca is a great place to live. There is lots to do for families- including the many parks, restaurants, and community events (carnivals, runs, parades, etc.). It has been a great place for me to grow up as the schools were great!
West Seneca is a superb area of Buffalo. There are many places to enjoy yourself such as the Soccer Complex and the parks of the town. As well as an amazing school system offered, and many places to eat that are close to home. The town is quiet and the community is connected. I would maybe like to see some more parks and recreational spots, but overall a great town to be in!
The town itself is very tight knit and everyone is very friendly. I have lived here pretty much my whole life and love it. Everything you need is only a few minute drive away.
Overall I love West Seneca because of the close knit community feel it gives. They offer great schools, and everything is right where you need it to be. Grocery stores, gas stations and so on are right around the corner. It is a very friendly town and it holds a comforting feeling. If you are looking for a town with a village to walk around in, then this isn't the town for you. We unfortunately do not have a village which a lot of people are interested in, however, we do have many different parks and events around town that bring the community together. We also get all four seasons which in my opinion is a huge perk. Nothing like a nice summer day and then a giant snow storm.
I really enjoy living here! I feel safe and I feel like it is a well organized community. I feel like a lot of people are involved to keep it this way!
I like the atmosphere, and everybody is extremely thoughtful and kind, however, the amount of things for teenagers to do is extremely lacking.
West Seneca is a Nice neighborhood with friendly people, many stores and many things to do. Love the area.
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Taxes have gone up way to much since building our new home 6 yrs ago and the schools have dropped too!
West Seneca is a amazing, and safe place to live. It is a great place to raise a family. The only thing I would like to see change is how expensive the taxes are. I don't think I can afford to live here much longer, though I wish I could.
After living in West Seneca for my entire life, it has been a good experience. The people are nice and it is very family friendly. You won’t see any fights in public, due to the quiet atmosphere. I have noticed hardly anyone going outside to play or meet up with friends. It is often quiet in buildings, which means service is also fast. There is rarely any traffic and very few poor drivers in the area. There are some parks that are very memorable to me and are kept clean as often as possible.
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