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This is a cute little town full of people that care about their community. Its nice to go out and know your neighbors. Large businesses in town include bonded concrete and hannaford. It's close to Albany and Troy but a very quiet town to live in. The schools are wonderful as well.
West Sand Lake is a peaceful little rural hamlet, about 20 minutes out of Albany. There are plenty of things to do within a 20 minute drive such as bowling, movies, malls, and various small businesses. The people are mostly friendly and the streets are very safe.
The houses are all relatively new and as such are all very well maintained. There are no vacant properties as of typing this and everyone who has moved in has stayed.
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I haven't had a whole lot of problems with my community I guess my one complaint is that while everyone is friendly, most of the people kind of keep to themselves recently. This is a relatively new community and so far everyone who has moved in has yet to move out. I know almost all of my neighbors by name and they're mostly very friendly.
Easy access to quality camping, hiking, winter sports.
Low crime area, we feel safe.
For a small, mostly rural area, adequate.
Spring and autumn are beautiful, summer is good and winter is nasty.
If you are looking to make 40-60K there's a lot of jobs. If you're looking to make more, say 60-90K, you have to go to one of the nearby cities, and you'll need a lot of experience and/or a degree. If you want to make more, it gets very competitive as there are few jobs in the range.
Mostly pizza, Italian, and bar food. Family-friendly. The few more sophisticated restaurants have not been able to stay in business, as the residents tend to regard them as "snooty". That said, the food in the family places is above average, and its good for families as the prices are reasonable.
This is a semi-rural town on the outskirts of two mid-size cities. People, for the most part, are fairly conservative and not interested in anything too adventurous or innovative. As such, businesses reflect the conservative tastes of the residents.
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