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West Salem, Wisconsin started off to me as a place to go swimming when we were kids. Although West Salem has been home to me only for a few years, I did attend West Salem High School for my senior year. I was bullied in my old high school and wanted a fresh start. Little did I would meet my husband in homeroom and spend another 5 years in a different area just to move back to a beautiful community. However, it is a place I would recommend to anyone who wants to start and build a family. It truly is a wonderful community. There are state fairs held here, parades, community events, small town coffee shops. Everything for either a perfect get-away, or a lifetime of happiness.
I like the fact that West Salem In Wisconsin is a pretty remote area. It is a very small city (or village) and we are all fairly close. Everyone knows the community pretty well. There are plenty of downtown shops for you to look at and shop around in. Everyone is really friendly and hospitable. There are a ton of homes out of the country, and a lot of farms nearby. I am pretty content living in West Salem as I have for my entire life. I like the small town and country road feel in the city I live in.
West Salem is a small town where mostly families reside. There's not much to do here, but it does feel safe. The school system is definitely better than some of the neighboring public schools. Overall, not exciting but not terrible either.
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It's incredibly boring and non-diverse here. If you're not white and straight, you stand out. Almost everyone here is Catholic or Lutheran. What can you do in town? Go to the library, the ice cream shop, a kwik trip station, or one of a few restaurants, I guess. Not much to say about the place... When I went to school there a few years ago, there were also many problems with bullying and drugs that the district likes to cover up. I would NEVER send my kids to one of their schools.
Small community, but not close-minded. Very nice people, great if you're looking for a small town for a family. Schools are great, very good teachers and programs, especially art and music. Not much to do in terms of entertainment in West Salem.
I love West Salem, WI. I knew that when my husband and I were looking to purchase our first home that it would be in or around West Salem. The town is not too big and is far enough out of the "big" city (La Crosse). The school district is one of the best around and that was one of our factors of location as well - for our future family.
West Salem is an average Western Wisconsin town. In the town itself, there is not much to do. However, it is an outlying town of the city of La Crosse which has many things to do. West Salem is pretty and a lot of nature can be seen untouched. It is a nice place to live because the taxes are significantly lower than those of the surrounding cities. West Salem is a nice town if you are settling down to start a family or looking for a quiet place to retire.
West Salem is a small farm town in Western Wisconsin. Located right off the Mississippi River, and nestled between tall bluffs. West Salem has a beautiful lake, and locals fish, boat, and spend their Summer days at the beach. Hiking and ice skating are popular in Fall and Winter. Everyone is extremely friendly, and it is a great place to raise a family. There are a lot of local farmers to buy produce from.
I love living in West Salem, WI. The schools work wonderfully with my kids and getting them the proper education they deserve. The community works well together and if you need something, someone is always there willing to help out. West Salem is a growing community and as it gets bigger, I hope that people in our community is still as generous and willing to help out.
Cute little town with great people. I have never felt unsafe there. Great place to raise a family and settle down.
Barely any issues with crime.
It's beautiful, with a relatively low crime rate.
The area is beautiful and I love the people around here, but it's very different from where I lived before and there isn't as much stuff to do since it's not by as many big cities, so that is definitely a down side to living here.
My overall experience of this area is a great one. I have loved the majority of my time spent here and have been here for a long time. I look forward to either moving back or at least visiting the area frequently.
The transportation in this area is mediocre. There are definitely things to upgrade, like parking and public transportation, but for the most part it is pretty solid.
The weather here is pretty decent overall. There plus is that there are a full 4 seasons. However, it gets brutally cold during the winter with lots of snow and it gets miserably hot during the summer.
The city of La Crosse revolves around "3rd Street". This is where all of the bars and downtown scene is located. On the weekends this area is buzzing with energy and is a great atmosphere. However, there is a lack of great food options to pair with the great drink venues. There needs to be a change for better food options.
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The La Crosse area is starting to invest back in the community. Many new businesses are going up which offer great opportunities for employment. For my interests, there are multiple hospitals and pharmacies in the area which provide employment opportunities to a very large number of people in the community.
The local businesses in the area where I live are decent. It is a short drive to La Crosse and Onalaska which have an abundance of local businesses. The main thing that I enjoy is the mix of big chain stores with mom-and-pop shops. It gives the area diversity and also drives a good economy. The one complaint I have is that I wish there were more clothing stores in the area. There is a local mall, but it is lack luster to say the least.
My neighborhood is within a heavily wooded area, so wildlife and plantlife are abundant. West Salem has numerous parks, with people visiting every day during the summertime. There is very little pollution due to the fact that West Salem is a small area, and nature is always maintained here.
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