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West Sacramento is very peaceful. The neighborhood keeps to themselves but also contacts one another if a pet is out. This community is great at helping pets find their owners again.
The people are more or less friendly. There’s a lot of homeless around the area, but there are some good food places in the area as well. I wouldn’t say there’s plenty of things to do around here though.
Ive lived in Sacramento since I was ten until I recently moved for college. Theres always something to do. They've been rebuilding stores, and fixing up the areas. Making it look even more nicer. I wouldn't change anything .
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I've lived and grown up here for 20 years. West Sacramento has had a bad reputation, but it's not all bad. I'd say that it all just depends on what side of town you're at. I haven't witnessed any gang activity, however, the homeless population is evident. The schools around here have also gotten better and are upgrading. As a 20 year old female, I wouldn't feel comfortable going by myself to the park or Walmart after sunset.
It was pretty ok growing up here, but now there is an explosion of growth with new suburbs. The overall community has gotten worse. Where I work in the center of West Sacramento there have been many crimes the last year or so. Even a father crushing his three young children to death (one a baby) under his truck to punish his wife. This happened across the street from my work. That is the most extreme example, but I just do not feel safe like I used to in most of West Sacramento.
I have grown up here and this city has been a best kept secret. My family is very well established here. I think the city is growing too much though.
nice people everyone is friendly very good for raising children but the schools aren't the best but they get the job done. you don't really have to worry about lots of crime
West Sacramento is a growing community. My neighborhood has plenty of outdoor activities provided for both kids and adults. My neighborhood is very family friendly, on any given evening you are likely to see families walking together throughout the neighborhood.
Living in a small suburban city like West Sacramento is great. Everyone is friendly and close knit. West Sacramento is a great city to start a family with plenty of parks and schools. The sports programs are also great especially the West Sac Little League. I love living here and would definitely recommend it to anyone.
If you have ever watched the classic sitcom show, "Cheers" then you can picture the warm, family like vibe you get once you enter this close, friendly town.
I was born and raised in West Sacramento and have moved all over the United States and I have yet to come across a town that feels the same.
It has the small town vibe, but is connected to one of the most historic large cities.
West sacramento has been our home for over 10 years. My husband and I are both transplants from more established areas and have to come to love the Southport area. The proximity to down town has been phenomenal! It's a small town feeling with like minded residents who are calling West Sacramento their new home.
I live in West Sacramento and the area is very calm and family friendly. I would like to the schools a lot more advanced and nicer.
West Sacramento shares a common border with Sacramento. You wouldn't even know there is a whole city over here if you never drove further than Raley's field. Its a small community. 2 High schools and about 16 K-8 schools. Its Ziggurat Building,River Cats Stadium and Golden Bridge is what its known for.
It is relatively quiet and peaceful. The neighborhoods are beautiful and clean, as well as very modern. Living everyday life is easy with gas stations and grocery stores dispersed throughout the area. There are plenty of extracurricular activities that are offered.
Like it's out of a TV show. Two hours away from anything, from snow to beach. Community is friendly and downtown is a great place to explore.
The people and environment is easy going and open to student and entrepreneurial ideas with possibility of economic growth. Furthermore, the environment allows for families and also single life styles.
There is so many great places to get a bite. Wether you are in the mood for Mexican or Chinese they are always around. There are many great place to shop for groceries. I love my neighborhood because it is quite and homey. I live right next to my school and work so it is all very close.
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West Sacramento is a very safe and family friendly neighborhood. Everyone knows everyone. There are many options to choose from when you are hungry. I highly recommend
There are many outdoor/indoor activities to do here in the West Sacramento and Sacramento area. The neighborhoods here have great people who like to help out their community. Old Sacramento is a very popular tourist area and a great spot to hang out with family and friends. All of the restaurants serve great food and have wonderful environments.
I currently live in West Sacramento and I have grown up in this area for 13+ years. I would say West Sacramento has changed a lot throughout the past 10 years. We developed more houses, created more town shopping centers, reconstructed the high school, River City, to another location, and over Sacramento has improved. We built the Golden 1 Center recently and put more enjoyable restaurants and food places near by. My experience in West Sacramento has been amazing and it is very diverse.
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