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Small town feel, next to amenities of larger towns. High growth in the area has led to new schools, either rebuilt or new facilities. Even with the growth of the town, the commercial business growth has significantly lagged behind.
I lived there for 10+ years. It's a very safe environment! I loved the people there so much. Very friendly and the weather is great! West Richland is a perfect place for families with kids.
I like that it is a small town but has plenty of stores. People are nice and wave to you as you drive by. The Veteran's Day parade is the most fun day of the year. Schools bring their bands from all around and everyone comes out to sit on the sidewalks and watch.
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West richland is a familly friendly area. It's quiet and nice, schools are nearby, so are fred myer and walmart, also yokes is super close 3 mins drive. I love it here, where I live there is a beautiful mountain view. People are nice and friendly and there are very nice houses.
West Richland is a clean small town with its own unique feel. It has long time local restaurants where you can see your neighbors at as well as access to medical care and close to larger shopping areas.
I don't have any complaints. I love where I live! Nightlife is close by, schools are great, and people are friendly!!
West Richland is a great place to live. It is a very family friendly town. The cost of living is low. It is located just ten minutes from the Columbia River. It has a small town feel, and it is slowly growing, with new schools being constructed and lots of people moving in because of it's safe environment.
West Richland is a very safe neighborhood. The area is good for raising a family and is relatively quite.
West Richland, Washington is close to shopping, has good schools, movie theaters are nearby, and 2 grocery stores with many natural and organic items available. The shopping mall is a short 20 min drive; close enough but not too close and Uptown is a quirky alternative to the chain stores in the mall.
I like the small town feel and the rural living but major shopping is just 10-15 minutes away. West Richland also has community music in one of the parks, a fall festival and a motorcycle rally all free to the community. I also like that the town is family oriented and has good schools and nice neighborhoods with little to no crime. I feel very safe and lucky to live in such a town. I would like to see more bussinessess in the town of West Richland and not in the neighboring town even though it's only 10-15 minutes away
Crime in this area is very low, with thanks to the great law enforcement we have, the majority of issues is generally minor traffic infractions.
The Tri Cities is a fantastic place to live for a young family looking to establish themselves. Though it is a smaller area, it is ever growing, with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.
Although it is a pretty save neighborhood, small crime rate has been increasing lately.
It's my favorite place out of all the places I've lived!
This area is growing and a great place to live. There are things to do and the people are generally nice.
some of the houses are well maintained, while others go neglected. pretty normal for most towns i think.
for the most part, the public services here are on point. they could use a little help with adjusting the utility rates. i feel that they may be just a little bit high.
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The whole appeal of the Tri-Cities is the Hanford plant. There are a lot of construction and engineering jobs, but as it comes to an end, there will be less and less.
There are a lot of big chain companies, but they aren't as stocked as other places in big cities.
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