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West Puente Valley Reviews

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Everything is OK. Hosing cost is good.
Very quietly at night and peaceful day in this area. Neighbors are nice and friendly. We are happy to help each other.
Less crime and much safety. Police station is located at a visible area. You can easily find it. Sometime polices are going to check around.
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This area has many schools, super markets, coffee shops, and many other stores. There are a police station and fire department are near my house. In my option, this area is 85% safety. Good city to live in.
Since I have been living there, it has been a beautiful place and peaceful to live in. Schools are within a close distance which is helpful for parents that don not drive.
I cannot describe my overall feelings and experience for this area, some are good, some are bad...but I cannot think of any other area to live in.
General atmosphere is average, people can be rude also there is higher crime activity than before.
One might see the police go down the street probably once every other month. Being that we don't have our own police department, crime is more prevalent.
Being that this city is predominantly Hispanic, petty thefts do happen commonly. Bikes being stolen, car racing, liquor store robberies and the occasional gun shots.
There are a couple of people who like to go for a jog around the town, but it isn't much of a view being that you're running on the sidewalk with multiple cars zooming past you kicking up dust and fumes.
Here in Southern California it is usually sunny majority of the year with a couple of days of rain. Weather here isn't much of an issue and doesn't stop our daily lives.
Many unique Hispanic places to eat and drink at. Majority of them are open past midnight which makes it extremely more convenient. You can get a lot of food for a great price as well.
The city of La Puente is filled with the so-called, "Mom-and-pop shops." Personally, I prefer these over any major company for many reasons. One is that there is a familiarity with the owners and customers every time you walk in. Another is that their prices are much cheaper.
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