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It's a quaint, little quiet town. It's a good place to raise a family. It is growing everyday with new neighborhoods being built and new stores opening up.
I love the country atmosphere the town has. It is very small, and very quiet. The town is filled with beautiful recreational areas. I love it!
West Point is a small rural farming town. In the last decade it has become a small city thanks to the installation of traffic lights, sidewalks and commercial businesses.
Even with the recent growth it is still small enough to allow you to feel like you are in the country.
It doesn't have a fire or police department, but the nearby cities are kind enough to share theirs.
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I have lived in West Point for most of my life. I love the people and the neighborhoods here. There are wonderful schools and teachers throughout the area. There are numerous opportunities community sports and other activities throughout the year here. You can live in almost any residential type you desire from more countryside living to community housing. With a newly opened Smith's Marketplace at the top of West Point, you have almost anything you need within a short distance from home. There are three city parks and a biking path that provides you with both the experience of the outdoors and an excellent view of beautiful West Point. Come visit any time, you might just get as hooked as I am.
No crime. The worst I've seen is people getting pulled over.
It's a nice place if you aren't about the city life
The crime rates are not very high in this area, not in West Point anyway. It's pretty safe, with only the occasional known theft or act of vandalism. For the most part, people that live here are very respectful, and we don't get a lot of visitors who aren't respectful too.
I love this city and area! My family has been here a long time, my dad living here most his life, and it's just really lovely. It's safe and not too busy.
we have had very few crime in the neighbor hood and as for as i know we only needed police for medical emergency
its goods because it is a really laid back and safe area to live
I have lived in West Point for more than than half of my life. I love almost everything about it here. It isn't small town but it is quiet and everyone in the area is very friendly. The only downside is that stores and restaurants aren't as close as I would like. If I had the option to move here again I would in a heartbeat. This area is growing quickly and I see great things coming our way.
lots of land out here, but the land is salty
If your mormon you fit in if not, in Utah its tough but Salt Lake is rather welcoming as is West Point
Its quiet and people look out for each other
our weather changes randomly. This weekend it was int he 70's and yesterday it snowed.
this is a rural community so we have to drive to go to anything other than fast food.
Not a lot of choices its rather rural out here.
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We have some really nice grocery stores, Macey's, Winco, Kents. We only have one shopping big box store at this time and its Walmart. We really are lacking on good places to shop and have to drive about 20 minutes to the next closest stores.
There is a wide variety of stores, many large chain stores and several mom-and-pop shops. The best places are always the mom-and-pop shops because they care more about their customers and usually have lower prices and better quality.
There is more crime in the downtown area, as there is in most cities. The area is going through a lot of changes, a lot of upgrades, which are improving things. Police are always around and people feel safe, for the most part.
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