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The history of this town makes it historical. Legendary Blues Singer: Howlin' Wolf is from this town. West Point, MS is a great place for retirement.
I love the hometown settings. The high school football team brings the community together on Friday nights. The town is growing in development, however more industries are needed, as well as community recreation venues. The crime rate is low, and the religious community is strong. After I retire I would love to reside on Old Waverley Golf course,which is a vital asset to the community.West Point is a good place to call home.
I believe that West Point is a great retirement town. The town is a very small peaceful place to live. You get to meet a lot of different people. Majority of the residents you encounter is very warm and welcoming. Although the town is small, there are many new business that has been and is being brought to
West Point. The town is slowly expanding, but it is an expansion that is much needed. It's also a great place to raise your kids. There are a few parks that has been built just for kids.
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I have lived here my whole life with the exception of going to the Military for seven years. West Point is finally growing compared to what it use to be.
I currently live in West Point. I haven't always lived here. I moved when I met my husband and this is the town where we started our lives together. It is overall a good place to live depending on where your home is. I would like to see the school district become stronger and the roads fixed.
It is a very friendly place to live. Although there could be opportunities for the children around there like areas designated for them to have fun, It has an old warm country feel to the area.
My experience of West Point, Mississippi is an average experience. It is an alright city to grow up in, but I wouldn't come to West Point in search of a raging nightlife or many fun things at all.
You do not hear much about the crimes going on in the area that I stay in. If something does happen, it is not anything major. We actually have a police officer that stays in the neighborhood, and he makes sure that he keeps an eye on everyone and also does nightly drives around.
The neighborhood that I live in is very peaceful and friendly! It is such a great neighborhood that I can keep my doors unlocked and not have to worry about anyone breaking in. I would wish to live anywhere else! Mississippi is known as the hospitality state and this neighborhood has always lived up to those standards!
The houses are beautiful and fairly inexpensive. I love it
My neighbors are really friendly. The pets are pretty good and the community engagement is great.
Honestly, safety is not a major issue in my neighborhood. However, if something does come up the police are slow to arrive on the scene. I imagine that is because of the lack of crime that occurs here. Overall, I feel safe!
Although I was skeptical about moving here, I love my neighborhood! The neighbors are friendly and tend to their own business, which could be good and bad in certain instances. It is generally quiet where I live. If I had to choose to live here again, I would. I couldn't think of a better environment to live!
Crime wise, there really isn't too much going on in West Point. The four years I have been living here, crime hasn't been a big issue.
The city of West Point is special. The community is great because of the familiarity that everyone has. It is also enhanced by the high level of hospitality.
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