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Haddads is loved by the community and they are generous people. The shop offers many types of food and teh community pushes to support them. The workers are usually cordial. La zarape is also great and cordial to customers and offer quality mexican food.
You can find nice places to stay and have fun for the family or partygo-ers
There can be congestion during rush hour and there is constantly construction going on. The campus town area is a s*** hole
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We have seasons, but it can be humid and we have tornadoes.
The food options are fantastic. Thanhn Linh, Thai Tyme, and Peking offer great Asian cuisine that is authentic. They are student and community favorites. Avanti's is a peoria specialty and experience. The whole campus town area offers different types of foods all throughout the day. Farmington road offers bar food.
I am not too aware of the employment status. I do know that for students, there is an abundance of part time job opportunities at the local shops and food chains.
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