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I like the fact that the beach is only a few minutes drive from just about anywhere in town. There is shopping plazas and malls within a reasonable drive. What I don't like is there are a lot of run down areas that, if we invest some time and money into, could be restored to house the homeless and/or bring more businesses to the city.
West Pensacola is an area of my hometown that could use some major improving. It isn't the worst part of Pensacola but it is far from the best. With the proper focus, time, attention, and financial backing in place with the specific area in mind, I believe it could definetely be a better area in no time.
Access to beautiful beaches, stores and restaurants. Cost of living low. Plenty of housing available.
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It's a low income part of town. I haven't witnessed much crime here though and the people and businesses are friendly. Very close to everything!
West Pensacola is an urban area in Pensacola. I would like to see the area cleaned up such as eye sore properties and more help for the elderly who reside within the community. Such as affordable yard services, resources to help elderly person with unloading groceries, and day to activities to help with uplift and encourage the people as they aged .
Decent area to live, but has a lot of traffic. West Pensacola is regarded to local as the bad side of town, but i t really isn't. However, certain parts do es have a high crime rate.
It is an awesome city. Home of the Blue Angels. The Naval Aviation Museum is also in Pensacola and it is dedicated to Naval Aviation. They also have an IMAX theater. It is a neat place to visit. There are also sandy white beaches and beautiful blue Gulf water to visit.
Pensacola has a lot to offer, but it still is lacking in opportunity or more like diversity of opportunities. When I moved here 7 years ago it was for the most part a fun and safe place to raise a family. Over the past few years the crime rate has significantly increased and the amount of homeless and unemployed has grown. The beach is the prettiest beach I've ever been to so there's always that. The public school system is ok at best. I've lost such confidence in the school system that I've pulled my son out and now homeschool him.
Not best but not the worst.
Crime rate has gone down
its great and yes I will live here again
The crime and safety of this area is at a very high rate and the safety if very poor. Kids can not even go outside and play and still be safe anymore. People are going crazy and do not seem to care anymore. Police are always around to give speeding tickets, but when you need them the most for they don't seem to be there as much.
My overall experience of this area so far are okay. The crime rates are extremely high and are continuing to rise. Violence I'm sure is everywhere you go but this city has a very high rate. The weather is really nice seem to be hotter and hotter each year. If I had the chance to start over I would not choose to live here again. I would want to explore different cities and see what they are like compared to here.
Housing is often average or below average pricing -- the house is often worth more than the street it's on, so you get a good deal because the house itself is quality but the people around it suck. Take my house for example, good quality and good value, but I live in an area the Crime Stoppers would love to get their hands on. On my street, there aren't very many abandoned properties, but there are more than a few down the road. The city should really consider taking care of that.
The area I live in is terrible, like, are you kidding? Sure, some of the people speak to each other, but not in a nice way. My neighbors are always calling the cops on their other neighbors. At least I can say that their fights are often entertaining. If you have a dog, it better be one that can protect you, because you'll probably need it. I don't recommend the big local park -- kids have sex there. If you want a nice place to exercise, try the Planet Fitness up the road, it's the safest place to be.
This year alone, there have been quite a number of drive by shootings near my house. I don't know what's going on down the road, I like my life (sometimes), so I try to stay out of it. But it would be nice to have more patrolling in the neighborhoods, just so I feel safer in my house.
I've lived in this area for over half of my life, and I would never choose to live here, or anywhere like it, ever again. I don't feel safe inside of my home, and just going out to check the mail feels like a CIA operation. Overall, it's a bad area and I cannot wait to leave.
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I don't like this area of Pensacola.
For the most part my area is a good place to live. There are easy, local, great education opportunities here, as well as unique events and forms of entertainment.
The Emerald Coast is Awesome!!!
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