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There are some cultural gems, like the Uptown Shopping Mall, and some other places to have fun like the Columbia Center Mall, but for the most part you have to find your own way to have fun here. Columbia Basin College is a good college, but the local high schools leave a lot to be desired, and many schools of all levels are overpacked. It's super hot here too - regularly gets above 110 for a couple weeks in the summer, but I'm okay with that.
West pasco is amazing! we just need more actives for kids such as arcades, pools and maybe a laser tag place.
West Pasco has many restaurants and stores that are accessible to homes and the area continues to grow.
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West Pasco is a great place to raise a family for many reasons. This city has many schools with very high ratings. Most neighborhoods are safe and have a great community connection. It is a short and easy commute to anywhere in the Tri-Cities.
Pasco is very diverse and is very quickly growing. Houses are being put up all over, along with some new schools.
I’ve lived in West Pasco my entire life and it’s an alright place to live. I’m a freshman at Chiawana and it’s a good school. In West Pasco I love the diversity, kindness of people and how much it’s growing. Tri-Cities is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the USA. I really love how there’s a mix of Hispanics and Caucasians. Things that aren’t too good is there’s not a ton to do, public schools aren’t good and no one votes because lots of people in Pasco are in poverty. Our bond passed by 6 votes when 20,000 more people could’ve voted. Sad. Weather is nice though and the 3 cities have good high school rivalry.
What I like about West Pasco is the diversity and friendliness. Ive been in a bind a few times and total strangers have stopped by to offer their help. We have lots of retail and restaurants within a short distance.
I like that West Pasco is close to both Richland and Kennewick. There is a lot of history to all three cities.
I think the traffic needs to be addressed otherwise it is up and coming community with a little bit of everything for families.
Pasco is a growing community, very family oriented. We were not overly impressed with the public school district but there are a few excellent private schools in this area. Fairly low crime rate. Overall good community to live in.
Pasco has been a good place to grow up in. There is a variety of people, but I feel the majority are very nice, love their families and their community
I would like to see more science in Pasco elementary schools. The type of science that is hands on and not memorizing vocabulary. I really enjoy this area; it is a great place raise children.
It's a great place to live
It's a nice area and I would choose to live here again.
It's a great community. If my career allows I would definitely live here later in my life with my family.
The community is very safe, and few measures are needed to ensure safety.
The climate is very dry, but there are very few major climate problems.
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Recent development has brought more variety, but there is still not a great deal of options outside of the normal chain restaurants.
There are a few occupations which are increasing. I could find a job here, but my chosen career is not in very high demand at the moment either.
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