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WPB is a beautiful place to live and vacation! With exceptional weather practically year round, and the beach just a few miles away, what's not to love! There are many local tourist attractions, fine dining, nightlife, and also great beaches to explore. I've lived here for several years and I am still finding new places to go.
Great for family , warm loving community with great people. Beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets it feels like I’m living on vacation
I've been living here for about 7 years, and I enjoy the urban lifestyle along with the small town conviniences that this city has to offer. Unlike other places I've lived before like New York, I don't feel the urge to rush and get from place to place immediately. Ever since moving here I've felt comfortable, as such feelings obviously change with the virus taking place- but I never feel saddened even at home with the beautful nature that surrounds my home.
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The city if great for shopping, dinning, malls (including the outlet) and entertainment. If you're from Miami you may have to get used to restaurants closing earlier up her than down there.
Palm Beach offer great beaches, food and things to do. It is a very diverse area and changes are consistently occurring to keep the area fresh and the amenities new. There are plenty of things to keep you busy especially if you enjoy outdoor activities like natural parks and beaches.
West palm beach is fun and divers. It is a great place to raise your family. I would like to see palm beach county extend the roads to keep up with traffic.
My whole life I grew up in West Palm Beach. I can say it’s one of the best times to grow up and most culturally diverse and in between everything in Florida.
My experience with living in west palm beach is pretty great . You get to feel the nice sunshine and go to the beaches near by and the safety in west palm beach is so important . there also some pretty good schools . Houses and apartments are so affordable and many job opportunities .
West Palm Beach is a diverse city in which you can curate any kind of lifestyle. Personally, I love the zoo and botanical garden.
West Palm Beach is my home. I was born and raised in the house I live in today. I did live in Tampa for 5 years while attending undergrad. Having that experience, I can say West Palm is truly my comfort zone. I went to school in a small rural area, Loxahatchee. My experiences in this town have helped shape me into the tenacious, intelligent, young woman I am today. My community works together to provide a safe place to live and thrive. My favorite childhood memories are ones of my friends and family playing sports at he community ball fields or taking trips to the museums on Palm Beach Island. I love this community and I am very proud to call it home.
I would love to see safer and cleaner communities and avenues and less crimes.I would love to see more after school activities and programs for our youth, parents being more involved in the communities. Seeing less drug dealers and prostitution so that are neighbor kids can walk home, ride their bike and ride the bus in peace.
West palm beach is beautiful , but just like a lot of place could use some work. One of the things I like most about living here in West Palm Beach is a Beaches, they are clean, water is a crisp, and the weather is amazing. When you look around the community,There are a lot of things that deserve a change. The homeless population seems to be growing more and more each day. I’m not sure if this is due to the Covid pandemic or if it’s just because things digress, but people have nowhere to go. The homes are nice in most areas and in the parts that are not it shows. There’s a clear divide living here.
West Palm Beach has a great atmosphere with many different cultures contributing to it. The beaches, restaurants, and nightlife are thriving- you're almost guaranteed to find a place that feels like home. There's often a lot of construction which can make traffic pick up but, in my experience, it's never been too bad. You will often find police patrolling the streets downtown making it known that they are on top of things.
Everyone's super entitled and rich, not much diversity.
It's not a real city... can't wait to move up north
West Palm Beach is a place of beauty and diversity. Within our location here in Florida we are more than just the beaches but the history that people today make with it. With the arts, music and activities we makes it one of the biggest tourist attractions. Living here is a experience all in it self. Just looking out the window driving no matter what time of day your shown a new picture that was better than the last. Sunsets like you didn’t even think was possible and a quality of life that can hit the point of enlightenment if you really choose to do so. Having hard working people and students surrounding me and feeding off our energy to be the best we can possibly be. Trying to come up as a generation to enchanted this beauty and help others achieve it as well. As a whole yes of course there some who have there flaws as every location but this place. It’s one of a kind better than the pictures, better than the movies and a picture can never last as long as the moment within you.
There is alot going on and is best to stay in the house. Have lot of wonderful places to have fun at and enjoy, great eateries, nice scenery.
I have lived in West palm beach for over 10 years and it has its pro's and con's of living here . In general it a good place to live but there are a lot of unsafe concerns through some areas of WPB. The one thing I would change is to make it more safer for everyone.
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Overall the city is very good. The beaches allow for some decent fun and the town on them provide good real estate for the wealthy. The people overall are pretty good especially in the rural parts.
Lived here my entire life. Things to see and do include beaches, clematis downtown and CityPlace, exploring Florida scrub and swamp lands, museums and historical sites around Flagler, Antique Row, Dreher Park Zoo. The weather is beautiful most of the time. Hurricanes have mostly missed wpb but it is something to watch out for every year during season.
West Palm Beach has everything you need. There are several beaches to choose most with ocean front restaurants. The parks are well maintained and great to get a walk in. Plenty of restaurants for any ethnicity .
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