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Best weather in America. I lived in 5 states nothing comes close. Right between Orlando and Miami. Palm Beach is an amazing place really.
Gun violence. I Would like to feel safe everywhere i go at night,and also having better cost of living.
I've been living in West Palm Beach for about 23 years, and I like that it is a calm place to live, not overly crowded like Miami. Downtown Clematis and CityPlace are the places to be during the weekends because there is a lot to do. There are restaurants, shops, bars, clubs, bowling alley with arcade, museum of Art, performing arts and a movie theater, a variety of everything! Plus, right in the middle of CityPlace, there is a stage where a live band performs following with a long water fortune next to it, this is the spot where people come to relax and enjoy the music with friends and family.
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My experience in west palm beach is that it's dirty sometimes, there's a lot of iguanas, and I get scared, the people can be mean sometimes. What I like about my city are the parks, restaurants, schools, stores, and beaches. What I would like to see change is the bus systems and the bus stops because the sun is very hot and the majority of the bus stops don't have any shades and that makes people complain.
West Palm Beach is a quiet and beautiful place to live. It has many places where to go to. The downtown is marvelous and fun, and much more in Christmas!
I love West Palm Beach! The beaches are amazing and the people are so friendly! I am so happy to have found my new home here. But shh! Don't tell everyone else- the less people, the less traffic.
Some things i happen to like about west palm is the beaches and shopping, however I think I would like to see the adversity change
I have lived in West Palm Beach, Florida all of my life. The area has beautiful beaches and there is so much to do. The weather in West Palm Beach is very warm and humid during the spring and summer, but in the fall and winter is quite cool and breezy. The wild life is absolutely beautiful and unlike any other place! Although the scenery is beautiful, the city can be unsafe due to the crime rates in the area.
Overall not a bad area, some neighborhoods are safer than others. Decent schools, lots of small business, pretty good night life.
I love the location and the people. It's an excellent place to start a family. Even though the real state is a bit high, the rest of the necessities to live are affordable.
I love the beaches and weather in West Palm Beach! There is rarely any traffic, lots of community activities, farmer markets, festivals and more. There is rarely any traffic other than in rush hour. Best of all is that there is an increase in the vegan community.
West Palm Beach is known for the beautiful weather, palm trees and sandy beaches. But what happens when the sun goes down in certain areas of West Palm Beach is a different story. Besides the hanging out on corners, the drug selling is at an all time high. Crime in the neighborhood has been through the roof as well. We raise our families here because we grew here as well, but times have changed where the new generation for some if not most just wants peace in the streets. The government have failed the black community majorly as well as is failing ourselves. The people that is looking to do the right thing in the neighborhood could care less about the sandy beaches, we just don’t want to see another loved one in the sand in front of our home.
West Palm Beach is a nice area to live in. It is very diverse with bustling cities and suburbs, and also forests and wetlands.
West Palm Beach is a lovely city, and it's a great place to live. People are amiable; the beaches are fantastic. There's a lot of diversity; everything is right there in front of you, the stores, movie theaters, schools, hospitals, etc....
I love driving at night in the city; it's beautiful and quiet, all the lights and the beautiful places melt my heart away, it makes me feel like I'm in paradise. I've been living in West Palm Beach for seven years; I don't regret a day spent in this beautiful city. If you're someone who likes to go out often and want to make friends and meet new people, you should move in West Palm; you won't regret a thing, you'll enjoy every second. They have excellent restaurants and great places for kids. The houses are affordable, and there's a lot of jobs opportunities. I don't plan on moving anywhere else; West Palm Beach has everything that I ever wanted. It's beautiful and secure.
I like West Palm Beach because it's my city; it's filled with color and vibrancy especially CityPlace which is like many shops and fun areas molded into a city like environment. Not to mention the fun activities, like the green market, live bands, and even a mini Spray Ground area for kids.
i liked west palm beach because it is a relativly chill place to live and has all the things a person could ask for such as good housing decent schools and a generally safe enviroment.
Been living in West Palm Beach for the past 6 years. Cost of living has increased due to the Outlet Mall located on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. There is an increase in crime but not in the area that I reside in.
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I love Florida and especially the Eest Zpslm Brach area. There is so much to do here, the weather is perfect, the beach is perfect. The only thing I would change is the amount of people that live here.
I grew up in West Palm Beach a majority of my life and I love how everything I need is right at my finger tips. From entertainment to fine dining, West Palm Beach has it all. Where I live is safe for my family and beautiful regardless of the weather.
Overall a great place to live! Very diverse and family friendly. Moved here about 5 years ago and love the atmosphere and tranquility of it all.
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