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I love living in West Ocean City, Maryland! I am not that far from the oceanfront and I enjoy living in this very busy summer beach town. I am just over the Route 50 bridge and I am in the peninsula city next to the Atlantic Ocean in a few minutes. There is so much to do and so many great restaurants to visit. I frequent the OC library a couple times per week and that helps with my study. The people are nice and friendly and I feel safe living here year round!!
Very safe living in this community, kids are always out playing and it remains very quiet
Love living here, great beach and fun summers. Everything is near by and easy to get to. People are kind
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The police are active and involved, they do their job well.
I live in a safe, beach town. Half of the year it is desolate and quiet. All of the tourist businesses close down, and the crowds leave. For the other half of the year, the summertime, it is bustling with energy, and the weather is super fine.
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