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There are a few trailer parks which are poorly taken care of. Houses are average sized not too large or small.The apartments are generally well cared for however rent is high. While hosing is decent it's expensive which is the only downfall.
The public service is average. Reaction time to calls are appropriate and timely.
There are a few crimes that happen like stealing and sometimes even murder, but rarely. There are a lot of drugs associated in some areas so most kids fall to drugs. The police are good at responding to calls, but some of them can be a little rude. I personally try to stay away from unfortunate situations, but my concerns would lies with the children of the area. They shouldn't have to grow up in a situation where they feel they have to go along with what everyone else does and make bad decisions.
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We rarely ever have concerns with natural disasters. Our seasons are never serve. We occasionally have thunderstorms that would take out the power for a few days and also some flooding, but beyond that it's extremely rare to have any serious natural disaster occur. There's no need to for heavy jackets in the winter, but our summers do occasionally get hot to the point where going outside could be dangerous if not properly hydrated.
It's very hard to find a job that pays well. Most jobs you could find are working in convenient stores, fast food restaurants, and occasional family busyness. The overall pay of whatever job you may is minimum wage. There are a few, very few, jobs you could apply for and actually get the job that pay well. However, there hard to get into unless you know someone personally who already works there.
Most of the restaurants are pizza joints, McDonald's, Wendy's, and one Taste of Philly. We have a Chinese buffet which isn't the best, but it's decent. The overall rating of food is basic. It's mostly unhealthy and fast food with an average taste. The service is above average considering we know just about everyone on some level (Friend of friend, friends dad, moms friend etc). While the food might not be high class it's generally affordable.
Our town has the basics of any town with grocery stores, gas stations, body shops, and person run stores. We just recently built a Wal-Mart in our town which has helped out with convenience. The closes Wal-Mart we had before the one just built was about 20 to 30 minutes away by car. The conditions or our stores are normal at most, nothing fancy. We don't have many restaurants in our town aside from a few diners and pizza places. The service and overall placement is decent, but could be improved.
Most of the "restaurants" here are pizza places, run-down chinese restaurants, and McDonalds.
97% of the stores here are either pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens, or they're local stores.
There aren't many crimes in Nottingham - many of the crimes occur in the next town over (Oxford).
Nottingham is a very small town with limited job opportunities. If you're looking for a job in Nottingham you'll most likely end up working at a pizza place or the only gas station in town.
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