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West Norriton Township Reviews

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I live here. It is ok. It is not bad and it is not good. I don't hate it. There are roads and schools and places to eat. Lots of trees .
Great Calm Neighborhood, in between many shoping centers and only about 20 minutes away from valley forge.
I live in the Halford Tract, where the people are nice and friendly. A large house can be purchased at a reasonable price, compared to places like the Main Line. Pride in home ownership shows with the neatly landscaped lawns. However, property taxes in this area are too high and punishing to those who are not working, such as people who are laid-off or retired. Taxes per square foot are about double those of homes in places like Las Vegas or the Maryland, for example. Since Pennsylvania government is still operating like it's the 19th Century, the only solution will be for some people to move to areas that are taxed less harshly.
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West Norriton is a fairly quiet area. We have a good amount of police presence and I feel perfectly safe walking at any time of day in my neighborhood.
There is some stuff that concerns me but there is not alot in the area that I live in compared to areas around me.
I have grown up most of my life here and have loved my neighbors and I love going places in the area
Neighborhoods in East and West Norriton are perfectly safe. Many neighborhoods in the borough of Norristown are safe too, but a few can be a little rough.
It is a safe and fun area that is a 30 minute commute from Philadelphia and 10 minutes from King of Prussia so there is always something to do.
I am doing this survey while in college in the city. I did the survey based on my hometown because that is where i grew up and know the most about. If I had the option to move I would move to a different area but not necessarily in a different town because I like where I live. For the future in my area I see it getting better in most areas.
In West Norriton we have a Walmart super center. There are many stores within a five min. drive. Everything anyone could ever need.
There are not any areas around me that I would feel safe going to alone.
We have very high property taxes which forces families to move out and landlords to buy the house and rent out the rooms to very unscrupulous people. The fire codes are violated by allowing 12-13 people to a room. There are row homes, apartments, town houses, and single homes.
The police forces here are stretched beyond what they can handle. Due to budget cuts and politics, the residents try their best to report the crimes, but sometimes there just aren't enough cops to help. The situations very from petty theft to homicide to a young cop shot on a walking path.
We experience all 4 seasons here. The winter lasting the longest from mid-October to mid April.
The only night life in the area are the neighborhood bars which can involve some very tough situations. Most people stay away from the establishments unless they were "invited".
There is a large gap of employment in our area. Since the town is host to a large illegal immigrant population, they are offered the hourly jobs before a legal citizen. The other side of the gap has the most rich in our country live in the area. If you do not have a college degree, or even some formal after high school training, the only answer for employment are the hourly jobs mentioned above. For the average person, trying to go to school or work or do both can be almost impossible.
We have your average big box stores, along with a multi-state convenience store chain with gas. Mom and Pop shops are hard to start since real estate and real estate taxes are so high. The Mom and Pop shops that do get a chance to start, have a very hard time competing and at least 90% fail...unless you are a legal immigrant. If you are a legal immigrant, you are eligible for ENORMOUS tax reductions and multiple self-start business opportunities.
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