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Monroe is a safe area compared to near-by cities in Michigan. However growing crime related to illegal drugs is a concern. Police officers can be seen around, usually parked watching traffic. From personal experience, the police can be slow to respond, depending on the time of day and urgency of the issue.
Some consider Monroe as a hidden gem. As a teenager with the "college bug," I cannot help but want to leave. However, Monroe is relatively safe, creating the small-town feel. Although there is not much entertainment, there are plenty of restaurant choices, and plans of renovating buildings downtown may provide economical growth for new businesses. I would not recommend this area for educational purposes, yet early college programs provide more opportunities compared to the other local high schools. Although Monroe could use many improvements, there are some dedicated residents who advocate for improvements that may be seen in the future.
Every store in Monroe is pretty much the exact same.
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There's mainly chain restaurants and fast food places to go.
Everyone in Monroe was pretty much born and raised here. The sub-types of Christianity are pretty diverse, but except for that, it's pretty much the same.
Overall, Monroe is a pretty okay place. It's big enough that you meet new people, but small enough to have a sense of community.
There aren't too many vacant properties, and the houses with no yard and/or garage are mainly towards downtown.
Monroe is apparently the "heroin capital of the United States", but I've personally never seen it. Mostly there is a problem with underage drinking and smoking pot.
For a teenager trying to find their first job, Monroe is a terrible place. McDonald's is always hiring though.
There is nothing to do in Monroe, especially if you are a teenager. You could go to the movies, but that's about all. Most teenagers here look forward to getting out of town to Toledo or Detroit for the weekend. The ones that stay here for the weekend get drunk and/or high with friends.
There isn't much to do in Monroe. Yeah, there was a battle here during the war of 1812, that's about it.
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