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West Mifflin is far enough away from the city, but close enough to work there or visit often. It is a friendly city with a great school district.
Moved here 3 years ago, small place nice people not much to say. Pretty peaceful but overall average place.
West Mifflin is a good, large suburb for growing families and is home to many popular businesses. However, it is not very diverse or eco-friendly.
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West Mifflin has a population of people representing all SES. There are plenty of good areas for families to develop and create connections within the community. Like all areas there are some sections that are more crime ridden.
I am close to everything, area feels safe, shopping centers, movie theaters, not sure about schools but since i do not have kids i am not too concern about it.
West Mifflin isn't a bad place to live. It's fairly inexpensive and it's close to many shopping centers and malls. There are several elementary schools. However the middle and high schools merged with Duquesne.
I have lived here almost my whole life. I am a popular person when it comes to people knowing me. The schools here have very good advisors and teachers.
The area I live in is not good. Everybody is so closed in and there no bus service.
very safe, little issues, if any.
It's a nice area, friendly people. Everybody minds their business and goes their separate ways, but that's not necessarily a bad things. Definitely a place I would consider raising a family.
Very few vacant houses, no complaints
Everyone is very involved, great sense of community
Very nice area, many things are improving.
There aren't many problems concerning natural disasters here considering I don't live on flat land, so that eliminates most of the problems. The only problems include thunderstorms and flooding which correlate, but they are a quick fix usually.
Getting a job in this area is average. It's not the best because the places by my house usually only hire people that have been in the workforce for awhile and aren't comfortable to hiring college students. Only a handful of places around here hire easily, such as Kennywood and Sandcastle, but that's about it and it's hard to get a decent paycheck from these places.
There are many businesses in my area that are easily accessible mainly due to the fact that I live 10 minutes away from The Waterfront. There is a large variety of stores, whether you need to pick something up quick at a gas station or want to go on a shopping spree. During all of these events, you can stop at one of the many restaurants that my are offers, ranging from cheap places McDonalds to classy sit down restaurants such as Dave & Busters.
it is not the best place for certain jobs, like teaching
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there is everything you need in the general area, some closer than others
I have not had any issues living here, compared to what I've seen and heard from other areas nearby
There are mainly chain restaurants, although there are a few small businesses that have great food. More of the small business restaurants are in a different neighborhood, about a 20 min drive away. In the immediate area, I live there aren't many ethnic places, besides chinese, mexican, and greek.
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