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West Melbourne is a high quality city as exhibited by their citizens who are friendly, caring and outgoing. In particular our neighbors who were welcoming and extended themselves the day we arrived. Wonderful! The quality of life with the number of parks and the outstanding educational institutions is wonderful.
Wonderful town with many things to do during the day, but not much else for the nightlife. Has a wide variety of food places and diverse food. Schools are wonderful and has many other towns nearby. Nightlife is the only thing i believe to be needing improvement.
I liked that there is a family oriented vibe. There is not a lot of diversity, however, and that would be something that would greatly improve the environment. Also, more nightlife options would be an improvement to the city.
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Small town feel with lots of great businesses and restaurants. Not much in the way of night life, but plenty of family friendly opportunities and awesome schools.
West Melbourne still holds a small town feel while ever expanding. W.M. is located between Melbourne and Palm Bay and is really close to the beach.
I highly enjoy living in Melbourne . I like that it is not a busy city so commutes are easy. I also like that the beach is close; it is not something that many people get to experience as often as I do. Another thing I like about Melbourne is that we are close to popular areas like Orlando so if we want to take a vacation, attractions are not very far. It is a perfect atmosphere to have a family here due to the safe schools and small town feel. West Melbourne has been a great place to be raised.
West Melbourne is a town that isn't as big as other towns, but has the same qualities as the others. West Melbourne is modernizing everyday and always bringing in new buildings, or shops to attract the attention of locals. There is never a dull moment in West Melbourne, and I recommend to all people wishing to move to the Space Coast, that you move to West Melbourne.
I love it. It's small but not too small. close to the beach, has everything you would ever need in a short driving distance without traffic. Best place I could think of to raise a family. It's close to all Florida attractions, beach, Orlando, theme parks, etc.
West Melbourne has a great neighborhood-like feel. It is a growing area with nearly all of the stores and restaurants a person could want within driving distance. The people here are nice and warm, especially the people who have lived here for a while. We also see a lot of tourist action due to close proximity beach access and the Space Center.
There's plenty to do in west melbourne whether it's going to the beach which is 20 min away or enjoying the downtown night life. Once a month they have an art show where lesser known artists can share theyre creations.
the police are normally around and help is there when you need it. its a fairly safe area but of course no matter where you go, no were will be completely 100% safe.
It's a very nice place to live. It's not too big but its definitely not a small town. I would choose to live here again if i could its very kid friendly and its a great area to raise your kids.
It's great being in the harbor city!
The neighborhood is low-middle income older people. Not many lights on the road, no one driving late at night or having loud parties, Not an area you see police visibility but the local police respond to calls quickly.
I prefer an area with seasons and available mass transportation to work, leisure activitis
Since I came here, there have been few crimes that i know of. I was expecting to see many crimes because I thought it is the same everywhere in the USA.
Living in Melbourne is a nice experience for me. I meet lots of people from around the country and around the world. Even the university I go to is known for the diversity of the students. I like the weather, too. It is not as cold as in California where i have to wear a lot of clothes to go out in the winter. Until now, I enjoy living in Melbourne.
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There are not a lot of people my age in the neighborhood
i love the atmosphere here. it's in the verge of becoming a bigger city but as of now its still a average suburb. the people here are great and if I had the chance to do it over again I would love to live here.
I grew up here, so i know a lot about the area. West Melbourne is a great area to live in. IT's low in crime and close to everything. It also has great schools. I wouldn't recommend moving to Palm Bay, because the crime tends to be pretty high, but if you do choose Palm Bay, stay towards the Northeast part... Lockmar Estates being the number one choice. Melbourne is a good place to raise kids... just stay away from University, Eau gallie, and the Aurora area. It's also a great place to retire since it's a pretty calm city. The beaches are our greatest attraction. The city is constantly growing with new restaurants popping up everywhere.
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