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West Long branch is very family friendly and a beautiful town to live in. It is small so everything is very close by and easy to get to and from. There are wonderful eateries and a gorgeous lake located at the center of town where family functions are held such as sing-alongs and annual 4th of July fireworks. I've lived there my entire life and have loved everyday.
As a suburb, there is less to do than a city. I find this area to be appealing to those who enjoy being near an ocean. The school system is great.
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Around Pier Village there is a lot to do, and of course the beach is beautiful! The only downfall is that you need a car to get everywhere because everything is so spread out and the area of West Long Branch itself is not very safe. Just the other day Monmouth University students got an email about gun shots fired downtown.
I went to college at Monmouth University and I had lived in West Long Branch. I had an overall very good experience.
I lived in West Long Branch, NJ for four years while attending school. Between the beach, restaurants, and a decent sized mall there are plenty of the things to do. If you're satisfied with a suburban atmosphere than there really would be no reason to leave the city. But if you wanted to experience something more lively, Hoboken and New York City are a short distance as well so you can really get the best of both worlds here. There are also bars and nightlife even closer in Asbury Park.
I really like how small the town is. You are able to get to know your neighbors and live in a peaceful neighborhood. I also like how Monmouth University is so close and commutable. I am going to be able to save a lot of money by not living in a dorm. Something that I would change is the amount of jobs available because it is hard to find one in close distances.
Crime is generally kept very low! The town over does have a high crime rate, which can become a bit of a concern sometimes.
Great location and a great place to live! Very family-oriented.
The houses in the area are typically on the larger side and generally have nice large yards and such. Most people also have pools and other outside activities in their yards. Most people have their houses well maintained and they are all different, no manufactured homes.
There are many soccer fields and walking trails around the town, but it is a more typical suburban town. There is also a huge dog park that has dedicated areas for large and small dogs. But during the winter, dogs are allowed on the beach.
There really is not any crime in the area. Most of the people know the majority of the police force by name. Aside from some pockets of crime, like minor robberies when the carnival comes into town, West Long Branch is a town where a good nu,ber of people do not lock their cars or their front doors.
Hurricanes, tropical storms and northeasters are not uncommon. But after sandy, everyone in the area is prepared and ready for the next one. In the winters they are typically cold but they never get below zero degrees.
It is kinda college townish in the sense that their are a good deal of bars in the area. But, most bars are the typical dive bars that only old men go to.
Most people in the area that have higher paying jobs commute north. The area is seasonal, and do to that, most jobs are seasonal and only really bring in income during the summer months.
It is a typical shore town. It does have some very good mom and pop restaurants that are much better than the chain restaurants in the area, apple bees, TGIF, Ruby Tuesday's, olive garden and red lobster.
Lots of variety from chains stores to local shops.
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