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Recently moved to the area. It is a quiet town with nice people. There are many schools; mostly public schools. The town has amazing and great restaurants.
It is a nice, quiet and friendly neighborhood. I have lived there since I was born and I have never had any problems here. My neighbors always greet my family and vice versa. I don't have any noise complaints either.
From all the neighbor hoods I've ever lived in, Ive found this one to be the calmest. The neighbors are very friendly and the houses aren't high on prices. Theres a diversity of different races and cultured people and its always great to meet new faces. Due to all the car dealers, fast food places, and stores around, I would say that theres plenty job opportunities around here.
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I have lived here for 23 years, I have almost been kidnapped once but otherwise from that every thing has been great. We have had an influx of Hispanic neighbors which adds to our diversity.
Most of the neighbors do not keep up their homes
Crime is on the rise
We stay around the corner from the fire department so responses are always fast.
It's a really quiet neighborhood and I love that about it.
No-one over here does any crimes and usually keeps to themselves. The police are urgent to get to the scene of the crime and respond in a peaceful manner.
Everyone in the community is helpful with anything
Haven't had any problems yet so no complaints.
It's bad but could be worse. Streets filled with potholes, stray dogs, loud train tracks close by, industrial steel yard close by, but its cheap so I deal with it
The violence is bad. I don't live where it is complete safe. Law enforcement handle their job correctly when needed.
Very nice and quiet without any problems
crime is the biggest issue. Numerous of break-ins, minimal police involvement. Police response to crime is at least 2 hours. Neighbors are afraid to turn in suspects even having ID the person
I will choose to live here again because of the fact that I have family members all around this area.
Unless you go near northside, there is nothing here
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Salons, Family Dollar, Car Wash, Supermarket
Not many busineeses in the area
Public service is okay but it is not prevalent in my community
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