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West Linn is a great community. It has wonderful parks and is close to the Willamette River. There is a drawback as well. The one main reason I gave West Linn and 4/5 stars is the difference between the People who live at the bottom of the hill and the people who live on the top. Overall people are very friendly here.
West Linn is a very safe, environmentally beautiful area. Although people are largely friendly, I do feel that is less welcoming to people from diverse cultural or socioeconomic backgrounds than it should to be.
West Linn is a very family friendly area, the schools are wonderful. We love how close we are to the city-having access to all of the amenities without living in the actual city is a nice compromise for us. However, it is a very expensive area to live in and not particularly diverse.
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I have lived in this city for over a year now and I love it. Its quiet and its the kind of neighborhood where everyone waves when they pass you. Its a great family community as they often have various events through out the year to go to. I wish the extra fees onto utilities was not as high. Community is very well kept and you'll usually see people on their daily walks with trash bags to help up keep.
West Linn has a wonderful community, beautiful parks, and amazing schools. The city is family friendly, safe, and has nice dining options. It’s a truly wonderful place to live.
West Linn is a very close knit community that it welcoming to all people, no matter what their race, gender, creed, and so on, are. One problem I do see in the community is its affordability; the pricing of homes is very steep, and aimed for upper class individuals. However, the schooling is amazing (college oriented), and the community bonds you will establish are amazing.
This town is awful. Sure, it has a somewhat decent school system ( YES, THE SCHOOL'S AREN'T THAT GOOD, PRETTY AWFUL REALLY.) , but there is absolutely nothing for kids/teens to do here. Most of the people are highly religious and overall terrible people, bullying constantly is very big in the schools. DON'T MOVE HERE. You won't find any fun here, and the people are mean and cruel. Just find another town, skip over West Linn.
Moved to West Linn 20 years ago after living in southern California. The public schools, family-friendly neighborhoods, and access to Portland is what initially drew my family here. After living outside New York City for 3 years, my husband (a West Linn native) and I moved back to West Linn and love our neighborhood, parks, and recent increase in restaurant choices.
I moved back to West Linn several years ago as our daughter reached school age (kindergarten). We loved our home/community in SW Portland, but felt the school system and politics in Portland were outside of what we wanted for our family. West Linn is in a little bit of a "bubble" outside of Portland, but honestly that's why I went back. The community is welcoming, family oriented, and safe. The schools are AMAZING... teachers and faculty alike. I grew up in West Linn and left after graduation... always having nothing but fond memories of growing up there. Returning to raise my daughter there has been one of the best decision we have made as a family. Our daughter is thriving, and we are realizing all of the benefits of living in close proximity to Portland but without the downside (crime/vagrants/high housing costs). We feel like we know where our taxes are going and see the benefits first hand... which was in stark contrast to Portland.
A great town filled with great people. I moved here when I was 4 and have loved it ever since. I cannot recommend living here enough. The schools are great academically and have great sports programs. Living near Portland also gave me the chance to experience the stereotypical Oregon vibe, but can definitely be avoided. there is plenty of money within the community, so the schools and local facilities are always becoming better. Great place to raise a family.
Extremely safe - I rarely hear sirens, and the public schools are good quality, with West Linn HS one of the highest-ranked in the state. You're close to the excitement and amenities PDX, but far enough away to avoid the worst of the traffic and crowds. Some difficulties: Housing is still expensive as a renter, and restaurants and things to do are a little lacking. I like our parks, but you have to go outside the suburbs to find good hiking and outdoor spots.
We moved to West Linn to raise our toddler. The public schools are excellent, and thus we won't have to pay for private school for him to get a good education. Lots of hiking and outdoor areas. Lake Oswego and Oregon City nearby are a nice addition to the activities available in downtown West Linn. Events held by Parks & Rec. get a huge turnout, especially in the summer. Feels safe, suburban. Linn City Pub is a local gathering place and eventually, if you live here, you'll walk in and run into people you know. It does lack the quirks of city life, yes, but it's a great place to raise a kid.
West Linn is a pretty little suburb of Portland with a good educational system. The West Linn-Wilsonville School district is one of the best school districts in the state of Oregon. It's a nice place for retirees to settle down, and a place that many families move so that their young kids can get a better education. The local government in town is not the best, but the City Council gets the job done.
I moved here about 7 years ago. West Linn is very safe and the people are mostly nice. The schools are good but are getting incredibly crowded. Unfortunately there's not much to do in West Linn but its proximity to Portland makes that okay.
West Linn is a cozy little community on the outskirts of Lake Oswego. All neighborhoods are clean and family friendly. Police patrol 24/7 and arrive quickly when called. The public schools are top-of-the-line and West Linn High was #2 in the state in 2014. Would recommend living here.
I like how it's far from civilization and safe. The ways to get to SW Portland are difficult from West Linn. I also like that it closes everything down by ten at night
Love the small town feel near a big city like Portland. The schools are fantastic, and a very safe neighborhood.
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Beautiful upper-middle class suburb of Portland which has excellent schools, a fantastic location, and nice parks. An excellent place to raise a family due to its safety, school systems, and scenery. Portland is only half an hour away, so all of its charms are close by.
West Linn is a great place to grow a family. It has amazing public schools, healthy food options, and is very safe.
I always felt safe in West Linn. I could go on a jog at night and not feel like i might be harmed. One of my favorite places to spend time was at Mary S Young park. I often spent time walking, jogging, meditating, stretching, and journaling while exploring new paths. I enjoyed watching the dogs play on a large open field, churning up blades of grass in their pure splendor. Being near the river always gave me a sense of peace. The neighbors were friendly and seemed to look out for one another. One of my best friends goes to school at Marylhurst and has nothing but great things to say about that college. I've attended choir performances there and been astounded at their talent. West Linn is a beautiful suburb of Portland that allows some tranquility from the busy city and is still close enough for those days/nights you want to explore the inner city.
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